These are the leaders of the Council Lands--the representatives of two of the major guilds (Agriculture and Mining) to the ruling Council in the Council Lands.

Thorngage Bree

Master Thorngage Bree is one of the two Agriculture Guild representatives on the Council. She heads up the Apiary Alliance, which is responsible for the production of honey as well as the pollination of all bee-dependent agricultural products. This is one of the smaller Alliances, but easily in the top three for wealth produced. Her alliance is almost entirely halfling as well, since most wall-builders are allergic to bee stings. This makes her the de facto halfling representative on the Council as well.

Master Bree is intensely conservative and hates change. Especially if that change involves less wealth and power for her people. She strongly opposed the Federated Nations treaty and still opposes trade with other nations. Her family is one of the most wide-spread, boasting 37 branches across the Sea of Grass region. It has also been there since before the Cataclysm, a fact about which she boasts frequently. A devout follower of Loran Hae, she wears holy symbols constantly and obviously.

Demographic Information: Thorngage is an older (late 50s) Stout halfling woman. Like many halflings, she’s plump and red-cheeked, while still being agile. She’s had multiple husbands and has produced 25 children, including 5 males. She wears finely woven dresses dyed in lavish colors; her grey hair is usually tied up in a bun. She wields a cane fiercely, but otherwise is a commoner mechanically.

Personality Trait: I see omens in every event and action. The gods try to speak to us, we just need to listen.

Ideal: Stability. Every change should be carefully measured and monitored and only undertaken when there’s no risk of failure.

Bond: My family is the most important thing to me; I will do anything to protect it.

Flaw: I’ve become accustomed to the fine things in life and spend quite a sum on them.

Alignment: LN

Darvin Fallowfield

Master Fallowfield, Master of the Grain Alliance, is the junior Agriculture Guild representative on the council. He’s served for 10 years (to Thorngage’s 20). He oversees the Grain Alliance, responsible for producing the grains of every kind that keep the Council Lands running. His people are primarily in the Sea of Grass region and are always looking for new farmland. As a result, he’s a strong proponent of expansion into the unclaimed regions toward the south west.

Politically he’s one of the founding members of the Committee for Realignment, which is the public-facing arm of the group that advocates for the conversion of the Council into a de jure oligarchy with a hereditary nobility. It’s rumored that he helped fund the Human League, the human-supremacy group that was crushed by the Catalysts five years ago, but the Scale Balancers were never able to find hard evidence. He’s also known for enjoying some of the Council Lands’ more edgy entertainment.

Demographic Information: Darvin is a hard, tall (for a wall-builder), lean human male of about 40 years of age. Dark brown curly hair and dark skin complete the look. He always wears austere coats and trousers, and his shoes are always polished to a shine. He has had two contract wives (the first died in childbirth) and five children, one of whom is an overseer in one of his subordinate associations. He’s rarely at home with his family. Mechanically, he’s a Noble (MM).

Personality Trait: I get bitter if I'm not the center of attention.

Ideal: Might. The strongest are meant to rule.

Bond: I’ve made deals to get where I am, and owe powerful people in the shadows.

Flaw: When faced with a choice between money and my friends, I usually choose the money.

Alignment: NE

Adrik and Bardryn Tsetseg

The representatives from the Mining Guild are the Tsetseg-clan Exemplar Couple, Adrik and Bardryn. Mountain dwarves to the core, these two are the unshakeable bedrock of the Council. Made Exemplars and assigned to the Council nearly 100 years ago, they are the senior members (barring the Immortal Bard and the Dragon). They were granted Exemplar status for working for 32 days straight without sleeping to finish the construction of the Fuar-Uulan aqueduct before the onset of the spring melt (that otherwise would have washed it away).

Adrik rarely says anything, but when he does it’s final and the rest of the Council usually follows his lead. He frequently looks like he’s asleep, but so far attempts to deceive him have failed, usually backfiring tremendously. When his ire is raised he’s ruthless in pressing the attack against the one that angered him. While he may forget, he never forgives.

Bardryn is the velvet that conceals his steel. She comes across as kind and matronly, but should not be thought of as weak. Fools have attempted to play them off against each other--that’s a good way to get them both mad. She’s just as ruthless, but much more subtle. She does most of the talking for the two of them.

Politically they’re rock-ribbed conservatives. Tradition is not just important, tradition is everything. Masters of precedent, they have rules quotes and previous decisions dating back to the founding of the Council memorized and ready to deploy. They do believe in the Council--some say that they are the only thing keeping the Council from disintegrating at the hands of the monarchists and the separatists.

Demographic Information: Ancient mountain dwarves, they’re nearing the end of their lifespan (~150 years). She’s grey haired, he’s balding with a white beard. Both are paunchy but still strong. They wear simple mining clothes--a tunic, suspenders, trousers, and stout leather boots with hobnails. Neither goes anywhere without their “canes”, which are serviceable clubs. Mechanically they’re Nobles (MM).

Personality: Once I make up my mind, there’s no stopping me. (both)

Ideal: Tradition. The old ways are the best ways--that fence is there for a reason.

Bond: The Council Lands are my home, and I will protect them from anyone or anything.

Flaw: Stubborn to a fault. Can be very ruthless if angered.

Alignment: LG