The Temple of the Four in Kaelthia is the center of worship and religious training for the Council Lands and the home to multiple Orders devoted to various gods. While pride of place goes to the four seasonal gods (Sakara, Tor Elan, Loran Hae, and Melara), other gods are worshiped there as well. All official priests serving villages in the Council Lands trained at least in part in the Temple. Here are some of the important figures located in the Temple.

Note: Alignments mentioned here are aids to properly portraying the character's motivations. They are being used in the loosest way possible and are not a binding constraint on actions.



Hand of Mercy

The highest cleric of Melara, the Hand of Mercy gave up her previous name on ascension to that post as per tradition. She has been the high priestess for nearly 50 years at this point. She, along with the Sun’s Fist, represents the Temple of the Four on the Council. Politically she is neutral-leaning traditionalist, always advocating for the good of the people and for peace and understanding. She often acts as a peacemaker and go-between; the Council and the people respect her tremendously. Her only point of no compromise is her bitter hatred for necromancers and the undead.

Demographic Information: The Hand is a tall, elderly high-elf woman with almost no coloration to her. Even her eyes are a light blue-grey, like ice. Her hair hangs very long and straight, almost brushing the floor. In public she wears the traditional flowing robes of her order, blue with silver snowflakes embroidered throughout. Mechanically she is a low tier 3 (can cast Heal as her highest spell) clerical spell-caster without armor or weapon proficiencies. She can, in extremis, summon an avatar of Melara which stands at her side, casting spells of significant power. While this avatar is active, her allies in her immediate vicinity cannot die and remain in the fight no matter how much damage they take.

Personality:  I can find common ground between the fiercest enemies, empathizing with them and always working toward peace.

Ideal: My talents were given to me so that I could use them to benefit the world.

Bond: Everything I do is for the common people.

Flaw: I put too much trust in those who wield power within my temple's hierarchy.

Alignment: NG

Tor Elan

Sun's Fist

The highest cleric of Tor Elan, the Sun’s Fist gave up his previous name on ascension to that post as per tradition. He has been the high priest for only 20 years, but he consistently acts as the senior member of the Temple’s Council delegation. Politically he favors peace through strength. Thoroughly militaristic, he chafes a bit at the strictures imposed by the Treaty of Federation (specifically the creation of an Adventurer’s Guild outside of his control). Under his leadership the Order of the Incandescent Sun has started training organized militias toward more than just local defense. The people fear him and his gold-cloaked acolytes for their harsh and strict demeanor.

Demographic Information: The Fist is a 50-year-old human male, blond but with deeply tanned skin. Tall for a wall-builder, he stands almost 6’ and is large and sturdy. When he calls upon his god, his normally dark eyes turn completely golden, with no white or iris, and seem to glow. He wears a suit of white-lacquered plate armor with a golden surcoat bearing the red sun emblem of his god in all public appearances. His favored weapon is a warhammer. Mechanically, the Fist is a War Priest (VGtM). In extremis he can call an avatar of Tor-Elan, which possesses him and greatly increases his power. While this avatar is active his allies within 100 feet are bolstered, doubling the damage they do.

Personality: When I set my mind to something, I follow through no matter what gets in my way.

Ideals: Might. In life as in war, the stronger force wins.

Bond: Nothing is more important than the other members of my order.

Flaw: I am suspicious of strangers and suspect the worst of them.

Alignment: Lawful Evil


Fulcrum Anna

The high priestess of Ytra, Goddess of Justice, Anna wields her power with a deft hand. Scrupulously neutral politically, she balances her two Pillars with dry humor and understanding of the frailties of mortality. While still firm for the cause of Truth and Justice, she tempers the harshness of the Law into something that mortals can handle.

Demographic Information: Anna is an older (60+) human woman. Unremarkable in appearance, she stands 5’4” tall with dark brown hair and tanned skin. Her clerical robes are simple, with the eight-pointed star of her Goddess embroidered on the front. Mechanically, she is a Tier 2 Knowledge Cleric without any weapon or armor proficiencies. She can ritually summon the presence of a Greater Servant of Ytra that can see through any lie, illusion, or deception. All within its divine presence must speak the truth as they know it, without hesitation. Attempted deception results in the instant obliteration of the deceiver.

Personality: I judge people by their actions, not their words.

Ideal: Knowledge. The path to power and self-improvement is through knowledge.

Bond: I've been searching my whole life for the answer to a certain question.

Flaw: I am much more lenient to others than to myself.

Alignment: LG

Alaina (Sparkles)

Alaina is the Right Pillar of the Scale Balancers. She heads up the enforcement arm of the Scale-balancers Order and takes great pleasure in smiting the wicked. Recently she is learning to relax a bit, but is still very uptight. She is direct to the point of rudeness--her prefered path to any goal is straight ahead, barriers or obstacles be damned. The common people treat her and her enforcement arm as a natural disaster--they stay out of the way and pick up the pieces when they leave.

Demographic Information:

Alaina is a young (late 20s), serious aasimar whose notable feature is her glowing golden hair that seems to shed sparks, especially when she’s having a fit of righteous anger (which is most of the time). Calling her "Sparkles" is legally recognized as a form of suicide (unless you're one of the Catalysts or her superior in the Order). She stands 5’8”. Her figure is muscular with almost no femininity; her hair is cropped short. She wears her armor (always burnished to a gleam) everywhere. Her favored weapon is a gigantic greatsword that appears much too large for her to wield; she wields it with ease. Mechanically she is a second-tier paladin, sworn to the Crown Oath. In combat she rarely casts spells, preferring to use her resources to smite the wicked harder.

Personality: I face problems head-on. A simple direct solution is the best path to success.

Ideals: Justice. Let justice be done, though the heavens fall. Do not respect power or wealth.

Bond: My honor is my life.

Flaw: I am inflexible in my thinking and easily angered.

Alignment: LN (very far to the Lawful side, dead center on the Neutral).


The Left Pillar of the Scale Balancers, heading up the investigatory branch, is Tolam. Tolam is known for his absolute dedication to the pursuit of truth. It is rumored that his agents employ stringent means to uncover truth, no matter the station of the person under the Question. Not much is known about him as a person, but it is clear that he has very little or no qualms about the methods used to extract the truth. He holds a special hatred for those who are associated with demonic worship.

Demographic Information: Very little is known, as Tolam makes no public appearances. It is known that he is a tiefling, raised by the Temple as an inquisitor. It is believed that he is the elder of the two pillars (mainly because Alaina is so young). Mechanically, he is an Assassin (MM) with some Shadow Monk abilities.

Personality: I'll settle for nothing less than perfection.

Ideal: Truth. Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crimes. Everyone’s guilty of something.

Bond: My loyalty to my Fulcrum is unwavering.

Flaw: I have trouble trusting in my allies.

Alignment: LE