A motley group, the Godsfall Champions were originally two separate adventuring teams that joined forces in late summer 210 AC in the city of Godsfall. Together, they gathered the people into the Godsfall Alliance, assisted in the ascension of the Redeeming Wings, engineered the downfall of the almost-Demon Prince Kul'Assad, liberated the Dominion from his control, destroyed Shelob (the Broken Incarnation of hunger), and guided the Broken Incarnation of causality in her redemption and ascension as the Archon of Time and Mother of Prophecy.

Saeth Saren

Born in a small village of Usko Ffydd, this gwerin woman suffered the tragic loss of her parents and her entire village in 206 AC to the Imperial Sons and their twisted research goals. Four years later, she joined the ranks of the Sanctioned Adventurers and together with Mope investigated and ended the threat from Imperial Research Alpha and its twisted, dragon-obsessed master. Later that year, the pair of them joined Quickleaf and Iseis at Godsfall, where they proceeded to make history.

Currently (c.a. 211 AC) studying at the Granite-Flame Academy in Kaelthia as a visiting scholar, she has begun to gather a band of fellow afficionados who yearn to discover the ultimate secrets of the universe and make them accessible to the common man. Her motives are rather different than most--she wants recognition and celebrity (and wealth). This band calls themselves DISCOVERY (Dedicated Investigatory Society Centered on Vastly Energetic Research—Yonwach branch), and has published their inaugural broadsheet. Her own specialty is the nature of life and death; she is affiliated with the College of Necromancy (despite not sullying her pretty hands with the actual raising of undead).

Demographic Information: At 6'5", she's tall for a gwerin woman but nonetheless beautiful. Young and wealthy as a result of her adventures, she is a prime target for all the noble Gwerin houses. A consummate flirt, she leads many of them on but refuses to commit to anything. Mechanically, she's a level 9 high elf wizard (Necromancy), capable of casting 5th level spells. As a divine boon, she can absorb one spell per day.

Personality trait: Compulsive kleptomaniac and swindler.
Ideal: Celebrity. She wants to be recognized for her power and glamour.
Bond: Fair treatment of women.
Flaw: Impulsive and distracted by glitz and glamor. Loves the high life.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Also born in Usko Ffydd, Quickleaf learned both respect for the kami and a smattering of arcane magic (unusual for an ihmisi). Although the tragedy that befell the town was not aimed as personally at him, he was still caught up in it and orphaned. He joined the Mockers in Kaelthia soon thereafter and made a name for himself as a capable sneak-thief until he was recruited for the Sanctioned Adventurers program in 209 AC. He and Iseis were the first SA's into Godsfall and were instrumental in the events there.

Armed with his skills, a bracelet that granted him invisibility and fireballs, and a strong sense of justice, Quickleaf then returned to Kaelthia and joined with a fellow adventurer (nicknamed Windshadow) to create the Sheltering Hands, a loose organization dedicated to feeding and assisting the poor, orphans, and other unfortunates throughout the Council Lands. Disdaining public recognition, they have quietly acquired contributions from some of the wealthier residents (whether they knew they were contributing or not is a different question) and move wherever they see a need.

Demographic Information: Quickleaf is a young (late 20s) puun ihmisia male. Of middling height and build, with no notable features other than a metal bracer he wears on his left wrist, he blends in easily and prefers it that way. Mechanically, he's a level 9 wood elf Arcane Trickster, favoring two-weapon fighting.
Personality Trait: Goes invisible at the first opportunity, but will charge into the middle of a pack of bad guys in the name of justice.
Ideal: Charity. Help others, even at a cost to yourself.
Bond: No one else will have to suffer as I did if I can help it.
Flaw: Stubborn to a fault.
Alignment: Neutral Good

Iseis pe Kel'al'ar

Iseis was born a commoner in the Southern District capital of Kel'al'ar. He joined the city watch in the upheaval following the Dark Lady's demise in 205 AC and quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant Investigator. Growing restless with the political infighting and becoming frustrated with noble interference in his duties, he left the force when he was recruited by the Adventurer's Guild in 209. He and Quickleaf were assigned to handle the Godsfall matter. His knowledge of politics and diplomacy served him well there--he was instrumental in the formation of the Alliance and personally conducted many of the negotiations required to get that fractious bunch to cooperate.

He gained the ability to slip through solid matter (a Boon of Questionable Solidity), the trust of all of the local groups, and the Divine Champion armor set that predates the Cataclysm. After the death of Kul'Assad and the ascension of the Archon of Time, he spent the winter in Godsfall helping to coordinate and stabilize the nascent government. In early spring of 211, he left Godsfall for parts unknown.

Demographic Information: Iseis is a late 20s human (scale-kin) male. Thoroughly average in appearance, other than his alabaster-and-gold armor and glowing sword (all it does is glow), he prefers to find alternate routes and makes elaborate plans. Actually hitting things with his sword is rather secondary. Mechanically, he's a level 9 human Battlemaster, wielding a moontouched blade and wearing plate armor.
Personality Trait: I never think in straight lines.
Ideal: Diplomacy is a first, second, and preferred approach to every problem.
Bond: I solve problems. Don't get in my way.
Flaw: Twisty thoughts often cause needless complications.
Alignment: Chaotic Good 

Mope and Private Eyeguana

Not much is known of the backstory of this most enigmatic of the four heroes. Preferring to spend her time in the shape of a huge bear, she can be counted on to take the most random approach to any possible situation. Her favored toy is a Wand of Wonder, a creation feared by all sane people. How a tiefling picked up druidic ways is unknown. And everyone who asks her gets a different answer.

She worked with Saeth to solve the Imperial Research Alpha issue in the spring of 210, and then joined forces with those at Godsfall. Her erratic ways left her somewhat out of the picture for most of that campaign, although she gained the trust of the Kindred and spent some time with them. After that, she characteristically departed suddenly, saying "I want to go find something to eat," and never returned. Accompanied by her pet/companion/kindred soul, a Giant Lizard that bonded with her in the jungle and served as her stalwart friend and fellow connoisseur of interesting and questionable foods, she's probably out wandering, munching on creatures that annoy her (with two, four, or any number of legs, to be quite honest).

Demographic Information: Mope is an early 20s tiefling, with characteristic horns, tail, red skin, etc. Private Eyeguana is a large, strangely over-developed, green-scaled Giant Lizard who wears custom plate barding and is prone to flying into blood-rages. Armed with her spells, her forms, an array of mysterious mushrooms that have rather random effects, and a Wand of Wonder, she is liable to turn up whenever situations need to be more...random. Mechanically she's a level 9 tiefling Moon Druid, preferring bear forms over spells, and Private Eyeguana is a level 9 Warrior (Sidekick) Giant Lizard with plate barding.
Personality Trait: Can be counted on to take the most unexpected path through any situation.
Ideal: Freedom. Chaos, in fact. Do the unexpected.
Bond: Private Eyeguana. The two are inseparable.
Flaw: Totally unreliable. In fact, reliable at being unreliable.
Alignment: Chaotic Chaotic. Not even neutral (good vs evil). Chaotic. She makes Slaadi look predictable and ordered.