Two strange individuals have been seen in the northern regions of the Stone Throne. They wander into small settlements, stay for a while, and then leave. They answer no questions about their past or their plans. The common folk and the serpent-kin have named them The Lovers because they act like an old married couple. In reality, they are two of the three survivors from the destruction of Imperial Research Alpha (the third being the dragon Elvarg).

 Fibbon--the Clockwork Gnome

The male of the pair is Fibbon. He was created in a tank out of a gnome pattern--unlike all the others, he developed a personality of his own and a sharp mind, obsessed with mechanisms. He ran the physical plant for 15 years (his entire life), only talking to the evil Corran Scalebender and the sorrowful IULIA. As a result, he's naive about the world outside and has severe social deficits. He is a savant with mechanical contraptions, which seem to take on a life of their own when he builds and maintains them. 

He only has two interests in the whole world--Julia and mechanisms. His attitude toward Julia is a combination of reverential worship, lust, and proprietary protectiveness. He will die before he allows her to be harmed. He repairs, maintains, and modifies her body--it is his creation after all. He views other living things as rather pointless, unless they can teach him new techniques or can inspire him to create new mechanical companions (of which he has several at this point).

Demographics: Fibbon is an albino gnome who wears a clockwork mechanical frame that compensates for his physical weakness. He is totally hairless and circuit-like metallic tattoos can be seen gleaming on his skin. They glow when he's angry or engaged in an act of creation. He's physically only 15 years old, but mentally he's adult. His maturity has not quite caught up, however. He goes everywhere in his warframe with plates of armor strapped to it (functionally has plate armor). He wields a gigantic wrench in both hands in battle, as well as throwing alchemical concoctions to damage and harm his foes. Mechanically he's represented by the stat block below (functionally a 10th level Savant).

Personality: Is it threatening Julia? If not, does it have gears and springs? If not, it's not my problem.

Ideal: Progress. Machines are better than squishy organics.

Bonds: Julia. She's the only thing that matters to me. All the rest of the world can go burn for all I care, if she survives.

Flaw: Naivety. Everything I know about the outside world is 800 years old, and I've only ever interacted with a couple of very damaged people.

Alignment: LE (more lawful than evil).

Julia--the Mechanical Lady

Julia is what remains of IULIA, the fused personality that maintained IR-Alpha for its entire existence. Her personality is made of two major parts. Iulia is the voice most used, that of a young human woman. She favors complex phrasing and quiet tones. Get her exited, however, and she shows her young girl roots. The other personality is Jaeram, the personality of an old human arcanist. Once called the Librarian, he holds a wealth of knowledge about matters arcane. Cool and collected, he never raises his voice or shows emotion unless there's new information in the offing. When Julia casts spells, both voices blend together.

Julia looks at Fibbon with a combination of maternal interest and exasperation. She's his rock, but also takes charge and tells him what to do. She looks at people with love and with ancient sadness. She especially cares for children. When they stop in a town, she spends much of her time caring for any sick people (using purely mundane methods). The rest she spends acting like a tourist, looking at the sights.

Demographics: Julia is a tall steel-skin soul-forged. Her voice varies between that of a young woman and that of an old man, depending on which personality is at the front. Her skin is burnished silver, etched with arcane sigils. Her joints are crystalline. The workmanship is incredibly detailed and she moves as if she was a normal person. Normally she wears travel robes, but when in a town, she goes through quite a few changes of dresses (most of which look quite strange against her metal skin). Everything she wears is very feminine. She carries a metal staff, tipped with an arcane crystal. Mechanically, she's a level 12 Transmutation wizard, using the stat block below.

Personality: I want to see everything. Go everywhere. I won't tolerate being cooped up again.

Ideal: Freedom. Confinement is worse than death.

Bond: I've committed major crimes and must work to deserve to live.

Flaw: I'm unaccustomed to living in a physical body, so I'm clumsy.

Alignment: CG

 Stat Blocks