Everyone knows that the Titans and the Wyrm were implacable enemies. Their wars defined the First Age of the world. What has been forgotten is that those wars were not universal. Some titans and wyrm got along and even became friends.

A motley group, the Godsfall Champions were originally two separate adventuring teams that joined forces in late summer 210 AC in the city of Godsfall. Together, they gathered the people into the Godsfall Alliance, assisted in the ascension of the Redeeming Wings, engineered the downfall of the almost-Demon Prince Kul'Assad, liberated the Dominion from his control, destroyed Shelob (the Broken Incarnation of hunger), and guided the Broken Incarnation of causality in her redemption and ascension as the Archon of Time and Mother of Prophecy.

These are some of the ranking or otherwise notable people who make their home at the Academy in Kaelthia.

These are designed as illustrative, not comprehensive examples of patrons. No demonic patrons are listed, because demonic pacts are wholly unsuitable for adventurers as they carry with them an automatic death sentence throughout the Federated Nations.

These are the leaders of the Council Lands--the representatives of two of the major guilds (Agriculture and Mining) to the ruling Council in the Council Lands.