The Remnant Dynasty features a few traits that produce the most unique clothing of any in the Federated Nations. First, the population is composed of three very differently-shaped races: the large, bulky, but normally-shaped orcs, the reptilian-hybrid dragonborn, and the small, oddly-proportioned goblins. Second, the persistent war with the Devouring Frost has forced the society to be militaristic in a way that the rest are not. Third, the climate is much harsher than in any other region. All of these combine to create unusual clothing designs.

The capital of the Remnant Dynasty, Lyodanoir occupies a natural choke point in the Frost-fell Pass down through the Kairen Mountains off the Nocthian Plateau in western Noefra.

Located at the edge of the Lyodnoi Mountain range, the Remnant Dynasty is a small civilization comprised of disparate races that have banded together for protection against the encroaching cold from beyond the mountains. Led by Dragon Queen Beitris the Dynasty has grown to encompass three cities and the surrounding countryside (a total population of about 100,000 souls).

The Remnant Dynasty is broken into 3 major regions.