Populated by dragonborn, orcs, and goblinoids, the Dynasty occupies the eastern edge of the Kairen Mountains below the plateau. Intensely disciplined, these warlike races have held back the forces of the Hungering Frost at extreme cost until recently, when the construction of the Winter Wall was completed. This titanic structure blocks the major pass down from the plateau and has reduced the raids to a mere trickle over the last five years. This was only possible with the intervention and resettlement of the rest of the dragonborn clans from the Council Lands in 205 AC.

A bit bigger than Byssia, the Dynasty is home to about 150,000 individuals in four major areas. The pragmatism and clarity of the dragonborn clans mixes with the ferocity and endurance of the orcs and the inventiveness and utter disregard for personal safety of the goblin tribes to form a potent combination. Already the goblins have created new inventions both for war and for peace; the orcs and dragonborn are practicing their tactics and building up their forces in hopes of making a final push against the Hungering Frost. Assuming they win, what then? Will their eyes turn to the other nations? To their neighbors the Horse Clans? Or to the nomadic orc tribes of the northern forests? Or will they claim the Kairen Plateau and the hidden treasures of the ancient Nocthians rumored to be found there? Only time will tell.

Like the Council, the Dynasty's religious life is split among the three major cultural groups. Dragonborn are the most conventionally religious, while goblins are the least.

The Remnant Dynasty is broken into 3 major regions.

The Remnant Dynasty features a few traits that produce the most unique clothing of any in the Federated Nations. First, the population is composed of three very differently-shaped races: the large, bulky, but normally-shaped orcs, the reptilian-hybrid dragonborn, and the small, oddly-proportioned goblins. Second, the persistent war with the Devouring Frost has forced the society to be militaristic in a way that the rest are not. Third, the climate is much harsher than in any other region. All of these combine to create unusual clothing designs.

Located at the edge of the Lyodnoi Mountain range, the Remnant Dynasty is a small civilization comprised of disparate races that have banded together for protection against the encroaching cold from beyond the mountains. Led by Dragon Queen Beitris the Dynasty has grown to encompass three cities and the surrounding countryside (a total population of about 100,000 souls).