Byssia is a single region at the southern edge of the Kairen Mountains, including islands on Gap-Tooth Bay to the south. Byss is the capital and only large city--the population is quite spread out, mostly in small villages and small-ish towns.

Byssia Map

Points of Interest


Byss is the capital, an unwalled city of about 8000 people, split almost equally between wood elves, Night's Children, and half-elves. The area around Byss is a major producer of textiles, mainly cotton and silk.

Gap-Tooth Bay

A large, shallow sea dotted with islands, reefs, and kelp forests, the Bay is a rich source of fish and resources for the Byssians. It is known for the massive storms that brew in its heated waters and sweep across the land during the summer. There have also been sightings of humanoid creatures in the bay, although the official position of the Byssian government is that neither the fishmen nor the tritons (distinguished by which end is fish-like) exist.


Home of the druidic Circle of Byssia, the Dreamgrove is a large expanse of forest and is one of the centers (along with the Home of the Elements) of veneration. In the Dreamgrove, druids, shamans, and spiritualists of all types seek communion with both the honored spirits of ancestors but also the divine spirits of nature. They seek to become one with nature.

Home of the Elements

The northernmost bastion, the Home of the Elements is a combination of arcane research facility, monastery, and armed camp. Here, scholars seek to understand and control the elements, Wardens labor to master their power, and militant monastics learn to focus their ki. Those who revere the elemental powers congregate here to worship and venerate the powers of Stone, Wind, Flame, and Water.