Byssia is a single region at the southern edge of the Kairen Mountains, including islands on Gap-Tooth Bay to the south. Byss is the capital and only large city--the population is quite spread out, mostly in small villages and small-ish towns.

A Culture without Gods

Byssia is a small nation (~10000 people) at the southern edge of the Kairen Mountains, north-west of the Twisted Lands. It is comprised of two races (humans and wood elves) in an uneasy alliance against the dangers that lurk on the boundaries. It's notable feature is it's lack of religious traditions. The wood elves are primarily shamanistic, appeasing and revering natural spirits; the humans honor their ancestors and the local elemental spirits. Pantheistic religion (the worship of the 16 Gods) is not forbidden, but it's not common. Clerics are very very rare and are almost always auto-didacts.