As noted in the Social Ordering of the Council Lands, wall-builders don't choose their own occupations or those of their children. Many don't even choose their spouses or their places of residence. So who does? The Oracles of the Oracle's Circle, that's who.

Each of the three major cultural groups of the Council Lands approaches the worship of Powers (gods, demigods, ascended heroes, kami, etc) differently.

This is the Council Lands entry in a series of articles. Each contains what would be common knowledge to adventurers from that region and is what is taught in Intro to Cultural Understanding (AKA "How not to cause international war") at the Adventurer's Academy.

This article discusses the clothing trends for the residents of the Council Lands. It is broken down by region and by wealth level, as well as by culture. Wall-builders (poor and wealthy), Puun Ihmisia, Gwerin and Tumnii are discussed.

The Council Lands is a complex society made of many interlocking pieces. Two of the major ones are are guild and race, although locality also matters strongly. A simple guilds-man in a rural village may also be the head of the village council, and a local journeyman may not even be on the council. The races in parentheses are the ones most likely to be dominantly concerned with the particular organization structure mentioned. A few high elves are more concerned with Guild than House, but those are only from the Unhoused; more common are "domesticated" wood elves who have lost touch with their tribe and have settled into the guild structure. Clan-less dwarves are vanishingly rare.