Clothing in the Stone Throne varies much more by caste than by region. There are significant sumptuary laws that regulate what can (and cannot) be worn by people of each specific caste, rank, and profession.

Due to the climate of the region (hot and wet), the normal clothing is light and layered.

The south-eastern nation, home to the serpent-kin.

  • Land Area: ~ 13,800 sq mi (similar to Montenegro)
  • Population: ~160k
  • Terrain: Jungle valley. Large lake (2400 sq mi) in the southern district
  • Demographic breakdown:
    • 44% human
    • 30% half-elf
    • 25% serpent-kin
    • 1% dwarves

The Stone Throne is comprised of three regions, all located between the Blood-hunt Wildlands to the west and Moon's Vengeance to the east.

Ar Salem Dolem is the capital city of the Stone Throne. Hidden in a pocket valley at the eastern edge of the Jungle of Fangs, it is surprisingly small for its cultural and political importance. Occupied mostly by priests and bureaucrats, Fang Sal'zar also holds court from the Great Temple there.

This article describes the social and legal hierarchy of citizens of the Stone Throne (as of 210 AC). Status is relatively strictly observed, often by clothing differences. Names in parentheses are the common forms of the actual name. The distinction between high and low justice is described in Justice Systems.