A village in the Northern District of the Stone Throne,­ Srassa Saat (“Beautiful Lake” in the local dialect) is the northern border of the Stone Throne. From there north, about 100 miles of unexplored jungle and mountains form the border region with the Council Lands.

Srassa Saat is located about two day’s journey north of Sha’slar, on the western shore of Murkwater Lake. The town is built out on piers over the marshy shore surrounding the approach to the garrison fort. Murkwater Lake has good fishing and few natural predators. It is known for seasonal storms that cause large changes in lake height during the middle-to-late summer.


Srassa Saat is inhabited by about 200 humans, half-elves[1], and serpent-kin. Very few of the serpent-kin are Ba.


The primary occupations are fishing and subsistence farming. One landed noble (Isal Khan Hvang) has a silk-thistle plantation about 2 miles south of town where many villagers work (including most of the Ba and Asa caste members who live in the area).

The village is quite poor. Buildings are built from local wood and with a few exceptions are rickety thatched huts. Economically it is class 1—only common goods are present except for the following:

  • A hedge witch (Asa Da) maintains an herb shop and can make healing potions and provide simple spell-casting components.
  • The tailor (Lai Tailor Srey) is a class 2 crafter and can work with thistle-silk.

The exceptional buildings are

  • The garrison fort: built up on a rocky hill in the lake and surrounded by a palisade, this is home to 25 guards commanded by Lai Lieutenant Chanda (a human woman). This is a punishment duty, so it’s not the best soldiers.
  • The general store/adventurer’s guild liaison
  • The inn (which includes the set-aside housing for adventurer’s guild members.
  • Isal Hvang’s town-house/warehouse.
  • The brewery (run by Lai Brewer Soa) just outside the walls. Lai Soa is the target of much talk since his product went from being barely-aged horse urine to some of the best around, including distilled liquors almost overnight in late 209 AC. At that same time, the good brewer became a total recluse and stopped accepting visitors and started buying all the manure and other refuse he could get his hands on.


Most of the threats to Srassa Saat are from the local wildlife (which is somewhat aggressive). Recently (within the last year or so) there have been an increase in raids from uncivilized tribes living in the jungles. They have been getting closer to Srassa Saat. There are reports that they are migrating to avoid “strange creatures” that have started to dominate the northern part of the jungle. No details about the strange creatures are known.

The tribes are:

  • Halflings: The Sokal tribe has moved into the ruins of Silverleaf Temple, a Fanged Kingdom shrine about 13 miles NE of Srassa Saat. This tribe of about 50 engages in ritual cannibalism as well as a rather indiscriminate dislike of outsiders. The leader is war-chief Sokal Isa, with magical support from the tribal shaman, Sokal Pa.
  • Wild Serpent-kin: There are several tribes of serpent-kin that dot the local landscape. They are not intrinsically hostile, but are very wary of outsiders, especially elves. They are hunter-gatherers.

[1] Most Stone Throne citizens have some elven blood—legally half-elves are 50%+ elven, humans are less than 50% elven.


Map of Srassa Saat