The Stone Throne is a nation comprised of humans and half-elves, with a few dwarven communities. In principle it is governed by a theocracy with a God-Queen at the apex, but in practicality the Queen's Fang rules in the name of the Queen Ascendant. Here are descriptions of the primary rulers of each of the regions as well as some figures in the central bureaucracy.

The Holy City, Ar Salem Dolan

The center of the religious life of the Stone Throne, the Holy City is centered around an ancient temple complex dating from the time of the Western Empire (and the High Elven nation that once occupied this region). The city has expanded out around it in the mountains but is still not a large city. Devoted almost entirely to temples and priests, the Holy City is also the site of the Stone Throne itself.

Sal'zar, the Queen's Fang

After the Ascension of the Serpent Queen in early 205 AC, the former lord of the Northern District, Isal Prei Sal'zar, has assumed the role of Queen's Fang (king in all but name). He rules from beside the Stone Throne and, along with his wife, the High Priestess Laila'ssa, has reduced the bureaucracy to a minimum. Most of the ranking members of the priestly caste are new since the end of demonic worship in 204 AC and the Ascension (along with the purge that followed). Sal'zar's rule is harsh but fair. Members of the aristocratic and priestly castes pay for their expanded privileges with stricter rules of conduct and greater penalties for failure. Sal'zar is loved by the common people, especially in the Northern District.

He wears nothing but white, the color of shed snake-skin, the color of mourning. The rumor is that he is in perpetual mourning for his Queen, whom he loved more personally than religiously.

Lalia'ssa, the Queen's Tongue

Sal'zar's wife is the High Priestess of the Queen Ascendant. She was a former handmaiden to the Queen and is devoted to carrying out her vision for her people. She has spent the last five years reforming the religious life of the nation--converting the worship from blood sacrifice and perversions to a more symbolic and heart-felt worship of the Queen and the other gods of the Congregation.

Sal'zar and Lalia'ssa have a good working relationship and three children, but it is a well known fact that their marriage is one of convenience and politics, not love. Lalia'ssa has several open lovers; Sal'zar is mostly celibate.

Central District

The oldest of the three Districts, the Central District is the primary agricultural and manufacturing center for the Stone Throne. The major city is Asai'Ka, located only about a day's journey from the Holy City. It is the economic counterpart to the Holy City's religious and governmental dominance. Youth of the outlying areas and other districts dream of moving to Asai'Ka and striking it rich there.

Ssak'ka AKA "Dream-Lord"

Isal Hvang Ssak'ka rules from the oldest of the three non-capital cities, Asai'Ka in the Central District of the Stone Throne. He is an ancient half-elf, the oldest mortal being in the Stone Throne. As of 210 AC, he has been the ruler of this district since the Stone Throne came into being 130 years ago. The source of his long life is unknown, although he is known to be an alchemist of the highest caliber. He is known to be extremely unpredictable and quite possibly insane. He spends almost all his time in his tower laboratory. Those who displease him often disappear--rumor has it that they are taken to the tower and experimented on. He is a widower with two young children (other than those that are grown and gone). Since the death of his wife, Lady Kinlanna in the liberation of the Stone Throne from demonic worship, he has settled down and is making more attempts to govern his people sensibly. His behavior is still erratic and his temper is feared throughout the land.

The people of the district (especially Asai'Ka) still venerate the name of Kinlanna--shrines to her have started popping up in corners. The priestly caste claims that she has not ascended--in fact, no evidence of her can be found.

Northern District

The Northern District is the youngest district, founded only about 40 years ago. Its economy is mostly sylvan--hunting, trapping and lumber are the dominant occupations. The primary city is the walled city of Sha'Slar, formerly the home of Fang Sal'zar. There is a heavy military presence in the Northern District, mainly devoted to protecting against the wild tribes in the northern jungle and against the remnants of the Twisted Lands to the north-west.

The Northern District is under military guardianship for now, with Lai Chea General-a handling the day-to-day business. A hard, proud half-elf of about 45 years, she served under Fang Sal'zar from early in the Northern District's history. She cares a lot for order and is somewhat of a conservative socially.

Southern District

The Southern District has had a troubled history. It extends south around Lake IIssa'al'ka and into the surrounding mountains. The two previous rulers were both evil individuals--Lord Il'ka was a brutal tyrant who cared nothing for the people; he and his cronies raped, pillaged, and murdered at will. He was replaced by the Dark Lady--an ancient high elf who served one of the Demon Princes. Outwardly she acted kindly and justly, but she sacrificed hundreds of souls to create undead abominations and to attempt to descend and become a Demon Prince herself. Her plans were thwarted by the Catalysts, an international band of warriors, paladins, and clerics, and her sister, Lady Kinlanna. In this battle, both the Dark Lady and Lady Kinlanna died (although the exact reasons are sealed). The name of the Dark Lady was purged--complicated magical rituals were performed so that her name would be forgotten except in written records.

The Southern District's economy centers around aquaculture (in the lake) and mining in the mountains. Most of the food other than fish is imported from the Central District.

Currently, the rulership of the Southern District is unsettled. The large and convoluted Ilsalk clan (composed of three interwoven families) maintains power--the current head of that family, Isal Sat'psa Balin is the nominal ruler, but his advanced age and infirm health make him an obvious figurehead. His 18 children by his several wives and concubines, along with his nieces and nephews (sons and daughters of his two adopted brothers), are currently politicking for the role of Heir Apparent. So far, Fang Sal'zar has remained neutral. There are rumors that he is intentionally stirring the pot, setting the family against itself, to keep them busy while he consolidates the changes to the nation.

This power vacuum has left the Southern District free to experiment. Socially, it is the most progressive, with castes mingling more freely than in other places. This leads to internal tensions as the old ways break down.

Ar Dolema--The Palace of the Ancients

The eladrin that ruled this area 800 years ago left behind a wonder--a mobile palace carried by six giant figures. These figures have human torsos but snake tails and stand about 40 feet high. The descendants of the servants still occupy the palace. After the old eladrin left in their failed ascension, the palace wandered north, ending up moving in circles around the jungle. Once the Catalysts liberated the area and broke the inhabitants free of demonic taint, Ar Dolema was directed (slowly) south. It now stands just outside the Holy City, and a docking ramp complex is under construction. The inhabitants are venerated as sages. Researchers from both the Stone Throne and from the other nations of the FNC have started flocking to Ar Dolema to study the records left behind by the ancients.

Races and Names

The Stone Throne has two major divisions of people--clean and change-kin. The clean races are humans, half-elves, and dwarves (but only a few of the last). The change-kin are the Serpent-born (mechanically Yuan-ti Purebloods) and the Untouchables (mechanically the other Yuan-ti sub-types). Change-kin are considered second-class (at best) citizens--untouchables are brute labor and are not considered to be fully people, although they are treated more with pity than with hatred.


The naming conventions for "clean" Stone Throne citizens are described in The Civilized Races--Humans and apply to all of the clean races equally.

Serpent-born are named Asa <Given>; untouchables are named Ba <Given>. If needed, an appearance-based cognomen is given to distinguish them from each other.

Common male given names for change-kin include: An, Bao, Cam,  Cong, Dinh, Dux, Giang, Liem, Minh, Ngai, Trai, Tuan, and Vien.

Common female given names for change-kin include:  Chi, Diep, Chau, Kim, Lan, Lein, Ngok, Mai, Thi, Tien, Tuyen, and Xuan.