The Southern District of the Stone Throne is currently experiencing substantial (albeit hidden) political turmoil. The current Phraya of the District is Isal Sat'psa Balin, but he is both frail in physical health and visibly, publicly senile. And has been since before his appointment to the position. He's a figurehead, and everyone knows it. Worse (and the cause of all the problems)--he did not appoint an heir before suddenly being struck down with his current infirmity. His 18 children have spent the last 6 years since the fall of the Dark Lady (and likely several more before that) scheming, blackmailing, and otherwise contesting for the position of the next Phraya of the Southern District. Now it's down to four major candidates. These are the ones described below.

For true fanaticism, one must leave the Council Lands and head south into the Stone Throne. There the people worship the Queen Ascendant as their goddess supreme. The Congregation is only mentioned in passing as if servants—the Queen pre-dates them, after all. While they recognize the Congregation’s power (and worship of them is not forbidden), the Queen Ascendant is the more present icon and symbol of power. Ritual sacrifices (either token blood sacrifices or animal sacrifices, with the ever-present watch of the Handmaidens to ensure they don’t slip back into the old forms of human sacrifice) take place every week on Fourth-day and on feast days, with people offering up their wealth or other items on occasions of need.

The south-eastern nation, home to the serpent-kin.

  • Land Area: ~ 13,800 sq mi (similar to Montenegro)
  • Population: ~160k
  • Terrain: Jungle valley. Large lake (2400 sq mi) in the southern district
  • Demographic breakdown:
    • 44% human
    • 30% half-elf
    • 25% serpent-kin
    • 1% dwarves

Clothing in the Stone Throne varies much more by caste than by region. There are significant sumptuary laws that regulate what can (and cannot) be worn by people of each specific caste, rank, and profession.

Due to the climate of the region (hot and wet), the normal clothing is light and layered.

The Stone Throne is comprised of three regions, all located between the Blood-hunt Wildlands to the west and Moon's Vengeance to the east.