Despite all having signed onto the Federated Nations Treaty, the nations of western Noefra are not without disagreements and tensions. The following table gives an overview of both the level of distrust and hostility between the people of the various nations as well as the general locus of the distrust. Note that this is from the perspective of the people, not the government (although many of the goverments share some of these sentiments).

In reading the table, the cells represent how the people of that row feel about the people in that column. Note that there are intra-national tensions as well. The scale runs from 1 (low hostility, basic trust) to 5 (active hostility, cold war). The possible reasons are indicated by letters:

  • R: Racial hostility
  • P: Political (government system) hostility
  • S: Social (lifestyle) hostility
  • G: Religious hostility
  Byss     Council Dynasty Goblins Stone Throne Dust Elves
Byss 2R 3G 2P 1 4S 1
Council 4G 3S 1 3R 4GS 3S
Dynasty 2P 1 3R 1 3G 4P
Goblins 1 1 1 2S 2S 4S
Stone Throne 4GS 2S 1 2R 5RPSG X

Brief explanations for high tensions (4+)

  • Byssians tend to distrust the Stone Throne due to its very regimented caste-based social structure. Byss is very loose and informal and considers the Stone Throne to be a nation of slaves and slavers.
  • The Council Lands are very god-oriented in their religious practices and so consider Byssians (most of whom do not worship the Congregation) to be heathens and godless barbarians.
  • The Council Lands distrust the Stone Throne for some of the same reasons that the Byssians do--their rigid social structure. Most of it comes from lingering rumors and memories about their past practice of demon worship as the attempt by certain Stone Throne forces to overthrow the Council. This distrust is weakening, slowly.
  • The Remnant Dynasty feels that the tribes of nomadic Dust Elves that live on the plains to the west of Lake Coyn'in are raiders and barbarians that are willfully blocking trade and expansion in that direction. This is especially bad among the orcs of the Dynasty.
  • The Stone Throne (being a theocratic monarchy) dislike the Byssians for being godless anarchists and barbarians.
  • The Stone Throne is currently undergoing a large internal upheaval, especially in the Southern District. Snake-kin (Yuan-ti) are considered by many to be second-class citizens who are getting uppity; much of the rigid caste structure is getting rickety. Fractures are apparent, as are factions.
  • The Stone Throne does not border the dust elves, so they have no attitude toward them at all.