Note: This is all deutero-canonical information and subject to change without notice.

The major races are well known. What about the less common (in western Noefra, anyway) ones?

Dwarven culture is entirely clan-oriented. The clans are both family and government, although multiple clans may live in one city.

The astral plane is not one big happy family. There are multiple factional divisions among the inhabitants, but the most salient is the Mortal Question--how should the immortals interact with the mortal plane? 

The Godsfall Alliance is a motley collection of factions who grudgingly have joined forces to retake the lost holy city of Godsfall from the cults, undead, abominations, and demons that have overrun it. Started in mid-summer 210 AC at the instigation of a pair of Sanctioned Adventurers, the Alliance has already succeeded in taking back one section of the ancient city.

As mentioned in The Role of Devils, there are 45 families, organized into 5 territories. Most families are named for the arch-devil that occupies the role of Don; exceptions include the Grigori and the Hinn. The territories and their constituent families are described below.