The astral plane is not one big happy family. There are multiple factional divisions among the inhabitants, but the most salient is the Mortal Question--how should the immortals interact with the mortal plane? 

As mentioned in The Role of Devils, there are 45 families, organized into 5 territories. Most families are named for the arch-devil that occupies the role of Don; exceptions include the Grigori and the Hinn. The territories and their constituent families are described below.

What kinds of people take up the calling of barbarian in the Federated Nations? How do they fit into the world?

Barbarians are those who connect with the ambient anima through their emotions and channel that power through their bodies to affect the world around them. This emotional connection is often called "Rage"--anger is one of the easiest ways to tap into wellspring. It's not the only way, and many consider themselves tapping into the power of the elements, of natural spirits, or of their ancestors. They all rage, just in different way and to different effects. Raging stirs volcanic emotions within the barbarian--even those barbarians who have learned to cast spells cannot do so while raging (and cannot concentrate on spells while raging, even if those were cast earlier) because of this internal roil of passion.

Future historians would mark 4 Summer Dawning, 206 AC as the Dawn of the Age of Hope, the Fourth Age, the end of the 2nd Interregnum. The sound of the Fifth Wish, "Mortal hands breathe life into unliving mechanisms" echoed across the world. In its wake a new race arose, innocent and searching. The soul-forged, once contraptions powered by fragments of dying souls, now a living race with their own sparks. Arising first in the forests of Byssia and in the goblin workshops and manufacturies of Byarsha in the Remnant Dynasty, they set out to forge their own destiny and discover the meaning of their existence.

This is a new playable race.

What is the role of the Adventurer's Guild? How is it organized? How is it funded? What rights do its members have? How many sanctioned adventurers are there? These are the questions this article attempts to answer.