Dwarves (cultural name: Tumnii) descend from the Lesser Titans who served Earth. Like the earth, they are solid and not easily moved; their tempers are volcanic when finally roused. Dwarves have two major ethnic divisions: hill dwarves and mountain dwarves. All dwarves are overwhelmingly born as fraternal twins--one male and one female. Their society (of both races) has strongly-assigned gender roles, but neither is dominant. Dwarves are considered adult at age 25 and generally live until they are about 120.

In the beginning, the Dreamer created the 8 + 1 Primordials to aid him in the construction of a world in the Dreaming Dark. To serve them in their tasks It created the Progenitor Races, numbering six. This is the story of those that trace their descent from the servants of Earth, the Titans.

Note: the following is taken from the introduction to Greenskins in the Mistthe seminal work on the beast tribes collectively known as goblins, by the Immortal Bard. All errors and opinions are his. This work does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Scholar's Guild.

Most people hate and fear the goblins. Green of skin, short of stature, ugly, bestial--these are a few of the epithets hurled at these creatures. Even now, generations after the Cataclysm, they still get blamed for much of the devastation. As I will show, this characterization is unfair. Goblins are a beautiful race with strong desires for civilization.

Although most people on Quartus do not have access to player class levels, they still tend to organize based on the analogous class to their powers. Paladins and clerics are the most organized, while arcanists of all types tend to work together. Rogues are often associated with criminal organizations although many rogues are not criminals. Druids have groves and circles, monks have monasteries and schools. Bards have colleges.

Here are a few of the more well-known such organizations and factions as of 210 AC. This list makes no attempt at being exhaustive.

This post covers the less frequently-encountered races: Half-elves, Dragonborn, and Half-orcs.