Dwarven culture is entirely clan-oriented. The clans are both family and government, although multiple clans may live in one city.

Council Lands

Type Clan Name Vernacular Location Notes
M Fuar Red Moon's Vengeance Foothills Along with Uul, they are the two original clans in this area. They've decreased in status over time, and resent that fact.
M Zek Copper Moon's Vengeance Foothills  Arch traditionalists. They are the deepest-dwelling dwarves, living deep in the tunnels and rarely interacting with non-dwarves.
M Gan Steel Dreamshore  Runs a major quarry and mine. Non-political 
M Tomor Iron Kaelthia  Current ruling clan. Large and rich, they control the manufacturies of Kaelthia.
M Alt Gold Kaelthia  Arch traditionalists. The current Loremaster is of Alt.
M Mehng Silver Moon's Vengeance Foothills  Keepers of the two richest mines, they're widely renowned as greedy money-grubbers.
M Tugalga Lead Southshore  Recently moved en mass to Bor's Vengeance to take control of the mine there. Comparatively progressive.
M Laav Magma Moon's Vengeance Foothills Small, low-status clan. Under censure for their non-traditional ways.
M Uul Mountain Moon's Vengeance Foothills Along with Fuar, they are the two original clans in this area. They've decreased in status over time, and resent that fact.
M Alkh Hammer Moon's Vengeance Foothills Keepers of the Rune Anvil, they are the second most powerful clan. Much smaller than Tomor, but probably richer. The two are close allies
H Shoryu Soil Sea of Grass  Barely considered dwarven by the traditionalists. They've abandoned mining and clan-holds for life on the surface as farmers. Tolerated because they supply lots of delicacies the rich like
H Chuuluu Stone Moon's Vengeance Foothills  Known for being more traditional than the traditionalists.
H Borzhin Granite Dreamshore  Small clan focused on masonry. Non-political.
H Badhmergh Ruby Moon's Vengeance Foothills  Comestibles provider to the region.
H Margadh Emerald Sea of Grass  Spread throughout the Sea of Grass, this clan specializes in engineering, including water wheels and windmills. 
H Almaz Diamond Moon's Vengeance Foothills  Known as traders, they travel all over the nation. 


The leadership of the dwarven clans as a whole is split into two pieces--the Elders and the Exemplars. Together, they set policy and adjudicate inter-clan disputes. Their power is more ceremonial and traditional than actual, but among the dwarves, this tradition carries significant weight.

The Elders

There are four individuals who represent the people as a whole, chosen from the clans for their wisdom and age.

High Khan Unena Tomor-Alt

The High Khan is an ancient (~150 y.o.) female dwarf of clan Tomor. Her mother was alive at the Cataclysm, as was her grandmother. They led Clan Tomor south with the refugees. Known as a biting-witted, sharp-eyed old woman, she pretends to be asleep much of the time to deceive others. She has no political leanings and carries a weight of sadness with her that can crush mountains. She speaks seldom in council meetings, but everyone listens when she does. She has very little patience for impertinence.

Lorekeeper Akhlagch Alt-Zek

Only slightly younger than the High Khan, Akhlagch is a dour, arch-traditional dwarf best known for his beard (which is white, very long, and occupies most of his face, merging into his huge bushy eyebrows). He starts every sentence with a historical reference. He's known to be in favor of Karul no Tyukh (Guardians of History, KT). He and Forgemaster Tsokh do not get along at all and often throw verbal axes at each other. His dominant emotion is outrage.

Forgemaster Tsokh Alkh-Tomor

The youngest member of the Elders (at 110), Tsokh is the least traditional member. Vain and status-conscious, he's arrogant to those of lesser wealth and power. He is balding and tries to cover it up, unsuccessfully. He's a primary member of Karul no Zam (Keepers of the Way, KZ). His primary emotion is condescension. He represents the miners and craftsmen (the common folk).

Listener Chime Uul-Fuar

An elderly female dwarf of the oldest families, Chime represents the priests (being a priestess of Korokonolkom) and the spiritual life of the clans. She always dresses in formal robes of slate grey and wears her hood up. Despite her name she speaks often and quite angrily. She carries a deep resentment for the "newcomers" that often shows on her face. This is not public knowledge but she's the leader of KT. Her dominant emotion is anger, mixed with resentment.

The Exemplars

There are 12 exemplars on the council, each selected on a rotating basis from a different clan. These are all dwarves who have been recognized for achievements in a specific area. They deliberate in order of age.

  1. Fuar (KT)
  2. Mehng (N but bribeable)
  3. Chuluu (KT)
  4. Zek (KT)
  5. Tomor (KZ)
  6. Alt (KT)
  7. Tugalga (KZ)
  8. Laav (N, secretly EG)
  9. Alkh (KZ)
  10. Badhmergh (KZ)
  11. Margadh (KZ)
  12. Almaz (KZ)

 Update Summer 210 AC

As a result of the unrest that had plagued Fuar Uulan for the last 6 months, all four Elders resigned simultaneously, something unprecedented in dwarven history. The new elders were chosen from those not affiliated with either KT or KZ, and both of those organizations have lost significant prestige. EG has largely dropped out of sight, and rumors are spreading that they were being duped by forces hostile to dwarven-kind.

One other major factional issue is that the self-styled Lord Theobard III of a minor clan, Clan Nyurs, a former adventurer who stumbled onto massive wealth, is organizing young members of many clans to go retake some of the historical clan holds in the Giant-Spine Mountains. His goal is to leave once the passes clear in early 211 with about 600 members mostly of Margadh and Laav for the old Laav clan-hold, about 180 miles away to the no. Theobard is known to be highly discontent with the traditional ways (especially as to the taboo technologies) and discontent with Council ruler-ship. It is likely that once he leaves he will endeavor to break free from the Council strictures entirely. His focus is on restoring the magical and technological arts lost in the Cataclysm.