Dragons are the descendants of one of the three original tyrant races—they descend from Wyrm, whose initial role (before the Dawn War) was to break down and recycle unneeded or improperly constructed pieces of the worlds. This they did with their mastery of True Sorcery (changing creation by renaming it). While diminished from their original power, dragons still pose a significant threat to any creature or society with which they come in conflict and have a good claim at being the most powerful individuals in the world.

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The existence of gnomes is well-attested in the historical record, but no confirmed sightings have been made since the Cataclysm 210 years ago (despite rumors of adventurers having seen some in an Old Imperial research facility. After all, everyone knows adventurers make up crazy stories.). Who were gnomes? Where did they come from? Why aren't there any more since the Cataclysm? Scholars have debated these questions now for centuries.

In this article I will review the current theories on the matter and show why they're wrong. I will then give a definitive account of the matter, settling once and for all the Gnomish Question.

Dwarven culture is entirely clan-oriented. The clans are both family and government, although multiple clans may live in one city.

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The major races are well known. What about the less common (in western Noefra, anyway) ones?

The Godsfall Alliance is a motley collection of factions who grudgingly have joined forces to retake the lost holy city of Godsfall from the cults, undead, abominations, and demons that have overrun it. Started in mid-summer 210 AC at the instigation of a pair of Sanctioned Adventurers, the Alliance has already succeeded in taking back one section of the ancient city.