Western Noefra (the home of the Federated Nations Council) is a diverse place with many regions. The following are the large-scale geographic regions with a few details. Features are places; factions are nations (or other tribal groups. Tier listings indicate the "average" threat level--T1 is appropriate for levels 1-4, T2 is levels 5-10, T3 covers levels 11-16, and T4 is level 17+.

 Western Noefra

Borders drawn in black represent the approximate regions named below; borders in dashed red are faction boundaries.

Frozen Coast

Location: North-Western coast, north of the entrance to the Nocthian Plateau. Stretches along north coast to the east edge of the Hammerfell Glacier.

Climate: Sub-arctic Maritime. Long winters. Cold moors toward the south-west.

Tier: High T2/low T3, high threat


  • Hammerfell—underground city of dwarves, gnomes, and soul-forged. Constant tension/battles with nomads from the south and frost giants off the Hammerfell Glacier.
  • Hammerfell Glacier—Magically-created and maintained glacier spilling down off the Nocthian Plateau. Enhanced by magic.


Location: Northern coast, from west edge of Hammerfell Glacier along north edge of Remnant Dynasty and Council Lands, ending north of Baile Crann.

Climate: Boreal forest at the north, shading into moist mixed forests toward the southern edge. Mild wet summers, wet and cold winters. Humid Continental zone (cool summer subtype).

Tier: T2-T3, medium threat


  • Pre-cataclysm ruins are common.
  • Godsfall, north of Lake Coy’in—a large (~4 mile diameter) ruined city. Currently imprisons pre-cataclysm demonic/undead forces. Wards prevent leakage.
  • Pilvin Koti—Home of Pilvi tribe. More-or-less allied with Council Lands. East shore of lake.
  • Sin-eater’s Maw—home of the Sin Eater zealot organization. On the west coast of the Bay of Dreams.


  • The Wilding Clans—“savage” orcs that distrust outsiders. Wide variation in willingness to parley.
  • Wild Elves—nomadic wood elves that are not affiliated with the Council. Generally xenophobic and constantly clashing with the Wilding Clans
  • Sin Eaters—zealots out to convert/destroy all orcs and other “unclean” creatures.

Sea of Grass

Location: Around Lake Coy’in, stretching to the Kairen Mountains to the west and to the World’s Neck to the east. Bordered to the south by the Blood-thirst Wildands. Edges are higher altitude than the center (bowl-shaped).

Climate: Prairie. Rolling grassland with occasional pockets of deciduous forests. Warm but dry summers, cold winters.

Tier: T1-low T2 (plus unranked political adventures), low threat


  • Three of the 5 federated nations are located at least partially on the Sea of Grass. The Council Lands dominate the eastern side, the Windwalker Collective covers the southern hills, and the Remnant Dynasty occupies the far eastern extent, cuddled up against the mountains.
  • Lake Coy’in is a large (~200-mile diameter) freshwater lake in the center. There are islands around the shoreline, but the center drops off precipitously, reaching depths beyond 1000 feet. Although there is no outflow and significant inflow, the lake is fresh. Scholars believe that there is a one-way portal to the Plane of Water near the bottom that filters the water, preventing evaporation from appreciably concentrating the salts.
  • Towers of Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars—these ancient towers sit on a small spire of rock in the lake. Currently serves as the headquarters of the Society for Historical Preservation.
  • Ruins that exist are mostly in the hill-region at the south or small towers, etc. This area was sparsely settled before the Cataclysm, so there’s little left.


  • Many large cities. Area around them is relatively settled, especially near Kaelthia and Rauviz.
  • Aurinko Tribe—nominally wood elves, these elves migrate around the west shore of Lake Coy’in, following herds of cattle. They consider the cattle and the horses to be their partners and react badly to thieves. Their horses are some of the best in western Noefra. Tense relationship between them and the Remnant Dynasty—trade exists but it’s grudging. Not part of the Federated Nations (despite being offered a seat).
  • Unaffiliated goblin tribes. In the southern region are many small tribes of goblins that are not part of the Windwalker collective. These are often unfriendly to outsiders.

Jungle of Fangs

Location: Jungle area bordered by mountains, south of Council Lands and east of the Blood-thirst Wildlands. Broad tropical jungle valley.

Climate: Subtropical rainforest. Wet and hot, little seasonal change.

Tier: T1-low T3 (plus unranked political adventures)


  • Lots of Fanged Kingdom ruins throughout the land (especially in the Central/Southern area).
  • Major lake in Southern District.
  • Old Western Empire ruins in mountains at northern edge
  • Draconid species all over northern section (beyond the Stone Throne lands).


  • Northern border is inhabited by savage tribes of halflings, humans, and serpent-kin.
  • Stone Throne occupies the central area of this region with much political infighting

Nocthian Plateau

Location: Nocthian Plateau, including surrounding mountains.

Climate: Arctic/tundra. Unnatural cold—travelers must take precautions and resting is restricted. Very little vegetation.

Tier: high T2-T3. T4 if going into the elemental plane.


  • Lyodnoir—capital of Remnant Dynasty. At very edge.
  • The Wall of Bones—covers the top of a short pass into the plateau itself. Heavily defended.
  • Nocthis ruins—located at the base of (and inside) an extinct volcano at the center of the plateau, this city is full of magical items. And threats. Most of it is buried under 50’ of ice. Creatures have burrowed tunnels down (and up).
  • Iceholm—this extinct volcano is the site of a portal to the border-plane of Water (Ice). Who commands here? Some have claimed to have sighted an ancient white dragon circling high above; others claim elementals.

Lost Coast

Location: South and West of Nocthian Plateau, including Gap-tooth Bay

Climate: Woods throughout, shading from temperate forests in the north to subtropical rainforest to the south. Bay is shallow and island-studded.

Tier: T1-low T3


  • Xar—ruined, cursed half-sunken city. Fiends and undead abound.
  • Daema—ruined city. Considered taboo by local nations.
  • Byss—capital of Byssia.
  • Island of Beasts—island in Gap-tooth Bay. Home to ruined shrine to Lae-loara. Area has major beasts (including dinosaurs and other strange beasts).


  • Byssia—Member of federated nations.
  • Hunters of the Moon and Sun—nation of half-elves (half-wood elves) in the central region near Daema. Lawful but expansionist and grasping. Arrogant.
  • Xarian Host—agglomeration of devil-worshiping human tribes in the south. Fierce enemies of the Hunters.
  • Northern nomads—human tribes living in the northern area. Several tribes revere the hags near Hammerfell as gods and migrate every summer to attack Hammerfell. Generally xenophobic.

Blood-thirst Wildlands (WIP)

Location: East of Gap-tooth Bay, south of Fort Hope, west of the Jungle of Fangs

Climate: Subtropical rainforest to the north, dead lands center, poor ground to the south (very infertile)

Tier: T2-mid T3


  • Twisted Desolation--ruins of pre-cataclysm temple at the dead center of the region inside a crater, surrounded by glassed terrain. Epicenter of the Cataclysm-inducing destruction of the Eye of Qa'desh. Later inhabited by cultists of the Twisted One, cleaned out by the Catalysts in 205 AC.


Giant-Spine Mountains

Location: NE of Sea of Grass, east of Bay of Dreams

Climate: Forested mountains rising above tree line. Similar to rockies, but with sporadic volcanos.

Tier: T2-T3


  • Many old dwarven ruins from before the Cataclysm.
  • Rumors of civilizations


  • Giants
  • Dwarves?

Bay of Dreams

Location: Large bay NE of Sea of Grass, east of Orc-lands

Climate: Aquatic, cold islands

Tier: T2-T3 (aquatic)


  • Sunken ruins of Laisiriand


  • Leviathan
  • Tritons
  • The Bitter Tribes

Sentinel Island

Location: South of Jungle of Fangs, SE of Blood-thirst wildlands

Climate: Grassy, scattered forests and hills/small mountains.

Tier: T2


Moon's Vengeance

Location: Small peninsula SE of Fuar-Uulan including surrounding mountains and badlands

Climate: Harsh mountains. Vegetation only in cracks and small pockets. Volcanic (active). Unsettled nature.

Tier: High T2-T3