Other than Noefra (the main play area), there are three other continents. Up until the end of the 1st Age, they were all combined into one pangean continent. Oelfra broke off first in the aftermath of the First Wish; Soefra. broke off after the Second Wish.

Oelfra split off much earlier—the last act of the Titans and Wyrm at the end of the 1st age was to split the world. Those dragons that retained most of their ancestral power and those giants who held onto some runic power fled west. A rough land of mountains and valleys, Oelfra is gigantic. The two regions are separated by a narrow land bridge.

Northern Oelfra

Home to the great dragons and other mega-fauna, there is no formalized government. Each brood claims a portion of territory and each understand that to invade another’s claim means war to the death. There are humanoids (mostly goblinoid and elven), but they cower in primitive huts and villages and worship the dragons as their gods. Only one city exists—the neutral city of Kar’Khemish.

Southern Oelfra—The Rune-bound Domain

Home to the inheritors of the Titan’s runes, here giants rule over vast estates of workers. The giants exist in a strict hierarchy. The lesser races are on the bottom rung, although those that can wield the runes are considered honorary giants. Dwarves are common, as are goblinoids. Elves are killed on sight, as is anyone practicing wizardry—the giants remember why they fell.