Other than Noefra (the main play area), there are three other continents. Up until the end of the 1st Age, they were all combined into one pangean continent. Oelfra broke off first in the aftermath of the First Wish; Soefra broke off after the Second Wish.

Soefra (South East)

Soefra split from Noefra as a consequence of the Second Wish that brought down the Eladrin empires of the 2nd Age. Surviving eladrin escaped to the south as the nature spirits flooded the central part of the old continent, taking with them their slaves and wizardry. The last aftershocks carved a 300-mile chasm right across the equatorial mountains. This became the home for escaped slaves and human settlers.

Northern Section

The northern (equatorial) band of Soefra is a hot, humid jungle that occupies the Great Rift. Separated from the Primal Sea by a band of mountains (the Northern Barrier Range) and islands (The Spirits’ Teeth), the Great Rift is inhabited by escaped slaves from the south and the descendants of pre-Cataclysm explorers and outcasts. These are of many races (including some not found elsewhere). The Great Rift is separated from the Kel'tan Empire by the Shackles'-End Shelf, a range of plateaus and mountains that ends in a 4,000-foot cliff with only a few ways down.

The Free States of Man

  • 12 city states
  • Demographics
    • Humans: 30%
    • Tabaxi: 20%
    • Lizardmen: 20%
    • Goblinoids: 15%
    • Shifters: 10%
      • Bear: 2%
      • Wolf: 5%
      • Avian: 3%
    • Tieflings: 5%
    • Elves (especially High Elves) are hated and feared. Tolerated in larger cities, hostile in smaller towns. Wood elves are less hated, but still mistrusted.
  • Common border squabbles/raiding between city states. United to resist incursion from the South.
  • Low tech. Little metal.
  • Magic
    • High nature magic
    • Medium clerical magic
    • Medium infernal/fey magic (warlocks)
    • Wizards/sorcerers are hated and feared, especially wizards. Bards are tolerated.

Southern Section

The southern half of Soefra is mostly rolling savannah, with forests and mountains sprinkled throughout. Here, the descendants of escaped eladrin Masters of the 2nd age still hold sway. The Cataclysm only touched lightly here, so most of their wizardry remained intact.

Kel’tan Empire

  • 16 provinces
  • Ruled by a Wizard-Emperor (nominally, in practice the Province Lords rule essentially unchecked)
  • Mageocracy
  • Three classes
    • Wizard-nobles (Eladrin only)
    • Freemen (non-wizardly Eladrin and wizard/sorcerer non-elves along with skilled craftsmen)
    • Slaves (everyone else)
  • Provinces are constantly involved in low-level, formalized war.
  • The Empire tolerates the Free States as a dumping ground for malcontents. Periodically send expeditions to “put them in their place.”