Northernmost Civilized Bastion

The ancestral center of the Pilvi tribe of wood elves, Pilvin Koti (literally "Pilvi's Home") wards the northern edge of the Council Lands. About two days' travel north east of Rabbit-town, only savage orc tribes, feral bands of wood elves, and forgotten ruins of ages past lie to its north.

Pilvin Koti


100 permanent, 500 seasonal

  • 80% wood elf (but mostly seasonal)
  • 15% human/half-elf (mostly permanent)
  • 5% half-orc (mostly seasonal)

Permanent settlers are mostly elderly, crafters, and invalids (pregnant, injured, very young children and mothers, etc). The wood elf population tends to the woods throughout the late spring, summer, and early autumn, living in hunting and logging camps scattered across the endless northern forests and mountains. They return to Pilvin Koti in force at the mid-autumn festival, where they stay for the winter. The half-orcs are mostly emissaries from the Stone-watch tribe of orcs, with whom the Pilvi elves have formed a fragile working relationship. The human and half-elf inhabitants are almost entirely crafters and specialists.


  • Subsistence hunting (as well as guided large-and-dangerous game hunts for rich Council Lands merchants and guilders)
  • Fur Trapping
  • Logging--Elven blackwood and ironwood both grow nearby.
  • Trade with wild elf tribes (NNE, 2-3 days), orc tribes (NW, ~2 days), and Sin Eaters (ENE, 1 day)
  • Last official settlement of the Council Lands


This is the Pilvi tribe center and so is governed by a two-person council composed of Chief Shaman Ukko il Pilvi and Warleader Ahti il Pilvi.

Chief Shaman Ukko: an ancient woman, Chief Shaman Ukko has been part of the Green Lady’s court in the past and has also worked with the Council as part of the Forestry Guild representation. She is dedicated to the Council Lands and is a calming influence on the hotheaded tribesmen (and women). She can cast 1st level spells from the Healer list and cantrips, 1st, and 2nd level spells from the Spiritualist list.

Warleader Ahti: the grandson of the Chief Shaman, Ahti is new to his role and chafes under the restraint of his grandmother. He craves adventure and is quite a bit of a hothead. Mechanically, he’s a 3rd level revised ranger (Beast Conclave, pet is a grey wolf bitch named Susi).


Guild services (housing and vendor)

Tier 1 (Basic Items)

  • Smith (metal)
  • Clothier
  • Arcane (components only)
  • Divine (components only)

Tier 2 (Advanced/special)

  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Druidic (including herbalism)


The two dominant threats that worry the Pilvi are from the Crook-tooth and Cold-hand orc tribes and from the increasing wild creature attacks. The orcs are growing bolder, and the tribal leaders are considering a more formal alliance with the Sin Eaters to supply the needed military power. That worries many of the more peace-minded tribesmen, who fear being swept up in the fanatical crusades of the Sin Eaters. There are several wild wolf packs that prowl the area, and they seem guided by malign intelligence to strike at travelers and food caravans coming north along the Rabbit Road. These beasts have so-far evaded hunting parties sent out, which has the superstitious villagers whispering of dark magics at work.