The villages of Innsmouth and Northhaven are neighbors at the northern edge of the Dreamshore region of the Council Lands. They are the last human (or halfling) outposts before the great forests of Kotimaa begin and the Wall-builders give way to the Puun Ihmisia of those forests.

Common Facts

Like most smaller villages on the plains of the Sea of Grass, Innsmouth and Northaven are sheep-raising villages. During the summer they are mostly empty, with most of the able-bodied folk ranging across the high pastures to the north-east caring for the sheep. Those that remain belong to the Grain-farming Alliance and raise hay and other food for the winter. Shearing time (in the late spring before the sheep leave for summer pasture and early fall after they return) is peak season--wagon trains carrying workers come in and everyone's busy shearing the sheep, butchering some (during the fall), and preparing for the winter. Winter is quiet, mostly occupied by preparing the wool for weaving. Most of the wool is shipped elsewhere (mainly to Baile Craan for manufacturing), but some is kept for their own needs. Both villages import most of their wood and metal, mostly from the bigger cities.

The nearest major town is Aberdale, about 1 day's travel to the south-east. While there is a road that connects to the Coastal Road (to Cardenavon to the south-west), it's much less traveled, being about 80 miles away. Both are about 10 miles from the foothills of the God's Prayer mountains to the north east.


The larger of the two villages, Northaven boasts a population of about 980 souls. About half of these are human; most of the rest of them are wood elves of several clan-families. Most of the wood elves are transitory. The rest (about 100 people) are dwarves, mostly engaged in working a local copper mine that opened recently. Located about 25 miles north-east of Aberdale, it sits on a small stream that runs down to the greater Avon river to the south-east.

Northaven was founded about 50 years ago by dissidents from the Sea of Grass who found the corruption and oppressive guild structure of that region to be overwhelming. Since then they've struggled to found a peaceful life of their own in the frontier. They're a mix of very religious and traditional with the animist traditions of the wood elves.

Important NPCs

  • Widow Hilda il Lehti runs the nearest thing the village has to an inn, a hostelry for transient workers. A middle-aged wood elf, she is unusual in that her late husband was a human man and she is raising their half-elven child. The child's name is Sara, and she's about 14. A busy woman, Hilda bustles about her rambling home/hostelry and tolerates no sloth or untidiness. She's a casual believer in the Church of the Seasons, and feels most associated with the Lady of Mercy. Her cooking is ample, but rather bland.
  • Janne il Pilvi is the priest of the local Church of the Seasons. A young female wood elf, her status as a priestess is unusual. Also unusual is her devotion to Yogg-Maggus, the Lord of Magic. She's not exactly the most devout person either, being known to hold rambling arguments in place of the more usual prayers. She's very tied into the local rumor network and is the closest the village has to an expert on the local history and surroundings.
  • Jess Smith is the village blacksmith. A devout follower of the Sun Lord, he's a middle-aged human. For a wall-builder, he's huge (6'2") and bulky. His personality is quiet but intense. His wife is a tiny woman by the name of Kate who keeps the books. She does most of the talking of the two of them. They love each other dearly and show that openly.
  • Overseer Patsy is the local Agriculture Guild Overseer for the region (and de facto headman of the village). A shriveled old human, he stands about 4'11" and is totally bald except for a shock of white hair on his ears. He's not very devout. His personality is full of blustering complaints--he's constantly aggrieved by something. Asking him how it's going is a good way to get a litany of how bad things have been...even when it's been just fine.
  • Arthura il Myrsky is the local hedge-witch/herb-wife. An ancient wood elf, she practices the old ways, propitiating the local kami. She lives on the outskirts of the village in a little copse of trees. Very timid, she does not get involved unless asked for help despite being very competent in her specialty. She casts spells as a level 1 druid.
  • Frida il Lehti is the local traveling trader. Constantly threatening to give up the traveling life and retire, she's almost as old as Arthura (her life partner). She travels from Innsmouth to Aberdale frequently, carrying goods and news. She always puts responsibility for everything on other people, both for good and for ill. She's never the one to blame or to credit--that's on someone else.


The northern of the two villages, Innsmouth is almost completely isolated. All traffic out has to go either down to Northaven or overland to the north-west toward Pilvin Koti. Founded about 30 years ago by enterprising pioneers, Innsmouth has grown to nearly 700 people. Most are human, with a substantial wood elf population and two extended halfling families. The major industry is sheep-raising, but there's a growing honey and mead industry (thanks to the halflings). The Innsmouthers are very aware of their status at the edge of civilization--the village boasts the highest and most defensible wall of any of the villages or towns other than the big cities themselves and the people have a well-trained militia in which all able bodied citizens participate as much as possible.

Important NPCs

  • Lawrence Tavern-keep runs the tavern/hostelry. A young human male (~20 years old), he took over the tavern from his master only about two years ago. He is unmarried and is known for being just as flirty with the men as with the women. Forthright and honest, he'll tell you exactly what he thinks on any given matter.
  • Osvalda is the village priest. A middle-aged kliba (neuter) halfling, she is notable for being very large for a halfling (almost dwarf sized). Very devout, she pays special attention to the Lord of Autumn. She is also known for her pulpit-pounding sermons against the evils of the day (which vary, but she's always sermonizing against something). She and Matron Mother Tamara do not see eye-to-eye.
  • Ernest Smith is the local blacksmith. On the verge of retirement, he mostly directs his two apprentices (Kay and Ivana) in day-to-day operations. Known for being the most elegantly-dressed person around, his outfits are always impeccable. His wife, Laila, is known as being one of the finest tailors. He attends the Church of the Seasons, but isn't particularly devout.
  • Acting Overseer Chloe is the Agriculture Guild Journeyman responsible for the village. Twenty-five going on 70, she keeps the farmers in line with a great sense of maturity and responsibility. Her husband, Johan, is somewhat hen-pecked and harried. She is not devout at all.
  • Matron Mother Tamara High-plains is the head of the larger halfling family in the area and runs the High-plains Apiary and Meadery. A middle-aged female halfling, she is an extremely devout follower of the Lady of Spring. She's known for being extremely promiscuous--she'll sleep (ahem) with anything or anyone that moves, male, female, or kliba. Or, as some allege, even animal. She calls it "devotions". Her other notable personality trait is that she talks really really fast (and constantly).
  • Nerys sur Seren is a wildcard. A young high elf from Kaelthia, he runs the local sundries store. It's rumored that he's a mage, but all anyone knows is that he knows quite a lot and will share it...for a price. It's also rumored that he's hiding out from an arranged marriage that he was not a fan of--he vanishes whenever a stranger from the capital shows up (which is rare, to be sure).