One of the oldest cities in the Western Empire, the city now known as Godsfall was founded near the beginning of the 3rd Age. In the wake of the 3rd Wish that opened the gates of faith, empowering those with faith in the gods, a temple city was founded in the central hills of northern West Noefra. This city became the devotional capital of the Empire that arose, housing temples to thousands of gods, demigods, devils, and heroes. For a thousand years it remained an ecumenical center of divine learning. By Imperial decree, all priests of official religions had to be trained in the seminaries of Divina Lux (as it was known at the time).

With the fall of the empire, Divina Lux diminished in importance and became somewhat of a backwater. It clung fiercely to its historical pride and continued to train clerics, paladins, invokers, warlocks, and other wielders of divine (or infernal) power. As the Cataclysm approached, the people had sorted themselves into two classes--the divine (upper) class and the infernal (lower) class. They coexisted, uneasily, until the end came.

As the monstrous, demonic armies of the Nameless swept closer, the warriors and clerics of Luca (a corruption of Lux) made a colossal, desperate gamble. They evacuated all the noncombatants they could, sending them out into the wilds to the south, away from the path of the armies. Then they deliberately lured the enemy, commanded by a ranking Lord of the Abyss, one of the Nameless’s generals (said to be the same Naeblis the Breaker whose summoning sparked the Fall of Empire), to the city. Giving ground only stubbornly despite being horribly outnumbered, the brave clerics channeled the core of the demons into the High Temple district. When they were inside the ancient inner walls, the high priest of a god now forgotten conducted a ritual to empower wards that had been placed all along the walls and throughout the city. These wards were designed to contain the army--and they succeeded. At a terrible cost. Every single defender paid with their own soul, condemning themself to becoming a twisted abomination of an undead creature, soul forever trapped and in agony but active and capable of fighting eternally against the demons they trapped in with them. A bubble of light enveloped the city--that was the last the fleeing survivors saw. They said “a god has fallen to Quartus”; from there the legend of Godsfall started spreading.

Sections of Godsfall

Godsfall was divided into 8 sections before the Cataclysm. Three of these are un-warded at the present--the Green Zone, Brightwater, and Abaddon. Elysium is accessible over a damaged bridge; the remaining 4 sections (Acheron, Arcadian Fields, Low Temple, and High Temple) are still behind heavy ward-lines.

Green Zone

Mostly safe. Only wildlife. Home camp. Covered in forests, basically no ruins remain.


Across the Styx river from the Green Zone, borders Elysium (through wards). Retaken by mid-summer 210 AC by the Godsfall Alliance.


Former poor quarter. Only towers remain on the outside wall. Mutated wildlife.


Former rich quarter. Borders Low Temple and High Temple. Minor demons and undead.


Sealed (for now).

Arcadian Fields

Open to Low Temple. Overrun with demons.

Low Temple

Heavily corrupted.

High Temple

A pocket of the Abyss.