The city of Hammerhead was enormous. Approximately 5/6ths of circle of 10 mile radius, the northern ⅙ is open (although ice-covered during the winter) water. Now the entire area lies in ruins, other than select locations. Unprotected locations have been destroyed completely by 200 years of scavenging and extreme weather. Many underground or magically-protected vaults and structures still remain mostly intact, however.

Addendum (Summer 211 AC): the Khaimal have used significant magical and martial might to clear out all the other groups (except certain of the exile groups) and begun rebuilding. The portal at P is operational, but code-locked to Guild credentials. 

The Shadows, also called The Grave’s Threshold or The Between, is a liminal space between the other planes of existence. It’s the lubricant in which the gears and pistons of the Great Mechanism do their eternal dance. It buffers one from another and prevents potentially catastrophic impingement.

While the name suggests twilight and darkness, a lack of color or life, that is not a true depiction. The Shadows are a projection of the other planes onto the Mortal plane and vice versa. In the Shadows, all the creatures of reality mix and mingle as do their hopes and dreams.

One of the oldest cities in the Western Empire, the city now known as Godsfall was founded near the beginning of the 3rd Age. In the wake of the 3rd Wish that opened the gates of faith, empowering those with faith in the gods, a temple city was founded in the central hills of northern West Noefra. This city became the devotional capital of the Empire that arose, housing temples to thousands of gods, demigods, devils, and heroes. For a thousand years it remained an ecumenical center of divine learning. By Imperial decree, all priests of official religions had to be trained in the seminaries of Divina Lux (as it was known at the time).

The villages of Innsmouth and Northhaven are neighbors at the northern edge of the Dreamshore region of the Council Lands. They are the last human (or halfling) outposts before the great forests of Kotimaa begin and the Wall-builders give way to the Puun Ihmisia of those forests.

Built about 800 BC to serve as the Western Empire's premiere bio-magical research facility, IR Alpha is buried in a mountain-side in the ________ mountains that separate the Sea of Grass from the Jungle of Fangs. This was the location where Dragonborn were first produced in about 600 BC by forcibly combining fragments of draconic souls with unwilling human subjects. Thousands died before a viable, true-breeding race was created. When news leaked of this atrocity, the Empire entered a state of civil war. During that war, IR Alpha was thought to have been destroyed, although no traces were found.