Built about 800 BC to serve as the Western Empire's premiere bio-magical research facility, IR Alpha is buried in a mountain-side in the ________ mountains that separate the Sea of Grass from the Jungle of Fangs. This was the location where Dragonborn were first produced in about 600 BC by forcibly combining fragments of draconic souls with unwilling human subjects. Thousands died before a viable, true-breeding race was created. When news leaked of this atrocity, the Empire entered a state of civil war. During that war, IR Alpha was thought to have been destroyed, although no traces were found.

Western Noefra (the home of the Federated Nations Council) is a diverse place with many regions. The following are the large-scale geographic regions with a few details. Features are places; factions are nations (or other tribal groups. Tier listings indicate the "average" threat level--T1 is appropriate for levels 1-4, T2 is levels 5-10, T3 covers levels 11-16, and T4 is level 17+.

Designed as an eternal prison for the Nameless and its core minions at the end of the Dawn War, the Abyss is cut off from the direct influence of the Great Mechanism. With the events of the Cataclysm and the freeing of the Nameless and its minions (and its incorporation into reality), the Abyss is no longer a tightly guarded prison or a cyst in reality, but a haven for those who have made themselves unwelcome elsewhere. Without the circulation of anima from the Great Mechanism, abyssal denizens rely on other, less salutatory sources of power. Mostly, they consume souls. Some are willingly bargained away, others are sacrificed in blood-magic rituals.

The Astral Plane is huge, covering the entire volume enclosed by the Crystal Barrier. The vast majority of this space is unformed, occupied by clouds of diffuse anima and various astral denizens such as radiant dragons and void sharks (as well as their prey, radiant sheep among them). Running throughout are the tubes and pipes of the Great Mechanism, distributing anima to all parts of the Dream.

Within this immense volume of space lie 5 domains--ordered zones inhabited by astral creatures. The Celestial City is centered around Eua; the other four are shaped like sections of a spherical shell with radius equal to that of Quartus's orbit, although together they do not add up to a whole sphere. Scattered through the internal volume are demi-planes, islands of stability in the churning Astral Sea.

Other than Noefra (the main play area), there are three other continents. Up until the end of the 1st Age, they were all combined into one pangean continent. Oelfra broke off first in the aftermath of the First Wish; Soefra. broke off after the Second Wish.