Two strange individuals have been seen in the northern regions of the Stone Throne. They wander into small settlements, stay for a while, and then leave. They answer no questions about their past or their plans. The common folk and the serpent-kin have named them The Lovers because they act like an old married couple. In reality, they are two of the three survivors from the destruction of Imperial Research Alpha (the third being the dragon Elvarg).

These four remarkable individuals are responsible for a large part of the changes and growth in the central-western part of Noefra since 205 AC. They were instrumental in the overthrow of the Dark Lady, the defeat and healing of the Twisted Lands (now the Blood-thirst Wildlands), and the establishment of the Federated Nations Council and the Adventurer's Guild.

The two oldest rulers in the Federated Nations are the Immortal Bard and the brass dragon Marcia. They share the nominal leadership of the Council, but rarely participate in the Council's affairs. Predating the Cataclysm, both were there are the final battle and were changed forever. One gained agelessness, the other transformed into a true dragon. Without their help, the refugees would not have thrived...or even probably survived.

After the coup attempt in 227 AC, the Bard took Marcia to an undisclosed location elsewhere while she's locked in a healing sleep to recover from her injuries during that fight. They no longer have any influence in the newly-formed Holy Kaelthian Republic.