Dragons are the descendants of one of the three original tyrant races—they descend from Wyrm, whose initial role (before the Dawn War) was to break down and recycle unneeded or improperly constructed pieces of the worlds. This they did with their mastery of True Sorcery (changing creation by renaming it). While diminished from their original power, dragons still pose a significant threat to any creature or society with which they come in conflict and have a good claim at being the most powerful individuals in the world.

Not all dragons are intelligent, powerful, elemental creatures. Some were hit especially hard by the shattering of their sorcery at the end of the 1st Age, becoming little more than animals. Dangerous animals to be sure, but still beasts. Squat and bulky, with thick necks and short muzzles, they move in small flocks (called "raids") and eat whatever they can. They are most associated with the jungles north of the Stone Throne, but they are found elsewhere (such as in the southern Lost Cost and the Island of Beasts). They are the drakes (sometimes called proto-drakes).