While the puun ihmisia and the gwerin have been at odds for ages and traditionally distrust and hate each other, some have made efforts to reach out to the other side. About 100 years after the chaos of the Cataclysm and the Retreat, two groups did just this and founded the commune of Usko Ffydd (named by joining the words for “faith” or “trust” in the two languages). 4 years ago, this experiment came to a tragic end—not by act of betrayal but by outside meddling.

A hungry traveler, wandering in the night

Chanced upon a campfire, a welcome sight

Around the fire, twelve figures argued

Wild and varied their looks,

Their styles.


Scribal note: This is the only surviving record of the events leading up to the Cataclysm War. It appears to have been the professional journal of a ranking member of some international organization. Most of the names are unfamiliar. The first large piece of the manuscript deals with mundane matters.

...Record begins...

The Dreaming Dark that surrounds all worlds is a timeless expanse. Only within Creation is time counted. Within the Dark, many variations of each Creation exist simultaneously--those that are, those that were, and those that might have been. Here are a few stories from these shard-like worlds. Which of these is real? That's a question for the philosophers.