Created by the ancient Titans before the First Wish sundered the runes, the Orb of All Might has tremendous power. Or at least it did. It is currently split into five parts: the Core and four half-discs--the Discs of Summoning, Binding, Shaping, and Remembering.

Core of Strength

The Core, looking much like an apple core, is currently acting as the head of the Scepter of Dragon Kings in The Remnant Dynasty. In and of itself, it has very little power, merely acting to strengthen the innate magical strengths of the attuned wielder. When the discs are attached, however, the Core magnifies their power exponentially.

Disc of Summoning

This disc's power is focused on pulling power (and beings) between planes. Even a tyro can summon simple elementals; a true runic expert can effortlessly pass between planes or forcibly draw any creature (as well as much raw power) from other planes at will. As with all the discs, what it enables it can also block. Properly used it can prevent the passage of forces between planes over a large area or disrupt portals, even those strongly fortified. Currently, this disc is in the possession of the adventuring group known as The Wild Cards. 

Disc of Binding

This disc's power is to bind and unbind life. A tyro can use it to prevent death or return life to the recently dead; an expert can make create golems and bind souls to artificial bodies without the degradation common to their type. The location of the true Disc of Binding is unknown; A lesser replica is known to be in possession of the burning Xaimal dwarves, but the true disc is in the possession of the Phoenix Emperor in Soefra.

Disc of Shaping

This disc's power is to transmute the physical elements; to build structures and change landscapes as well as reshape living beings. It's current location is unknown. Recent evidence places it in the possession of the the Demon Prince known as the Twisted

Disc of Remembering

This disc's power is to shape souls and memories. It is currently in possession of Isskap, Titan of Frost.