The astral plane is not one big happy family. There are multiple factional divisions among the inhabitants, but the most salient is the Mortal Question--how should the immortals interact with the mortal plane? 

Goals for Mortals


These immortals want to push the technology and evolution of mortals, guiding and shaping it into something "better." They generally want to be significantly involved in mortal lives and have direct involvement and interaction with their clergy and religious followers. As a result, they have fewer clerics but a more cohesive religious estabilishment. Aerialara, Loran Hae, Roel Kor, Lon-Ka, and Kela-Loran are members of this faction among the Congregation. Mara-deva and Leiutis are the diabolical territories that adhere to this party.


These immortals want to preserve the status quo. They prefer to act to slow development and prevent radical change. They strongly want to prevent any mortals from getting too powerful (powerful enough to threaten them, say critics). They are hands-off with their clergy and so tend to attract larger but less organized faiths.

Yogg-Magus, Melara, Peor-fala, Tor Elan, the Hollow King, and Korokonolkom are the Congregants associated with this faction; Thoraz and Chou are their confederates among the devils.


These immortals don't fit into either of the two major factions for one reason or another.

Selesurala and Lae-Loara care very little about mortals (especially civilized ones). While they are not outright hostile, they just want to be left out of the politics. Religiously, they're propitiated only (especially Selesurala, who prefers to be feared rather than worshiped). Neither have significant clerical establishments (in Western Noefra at least).

Sakara has an organized religion (and is worshiped as one of the four major seasonal gods of the Council Lands) but her personality is so flighty that she can't be counted on for any serious politicking. There's evidence that she's cultivated that perception very intentionally and has plots going in many areas.

Ytra is completely neutral--she is only concerned with the Truth. Every attempt so far to use her to slap down another immortal faction has failed catastrophically. She has an organized clergy and an order of paladins that devoutly worship her. Hers is the best-organized clergy among all the Congregation.


Pinwheel has almost no clergy--he makes up for it by meddling everywhere, seemingly at random. Plots inside of plots (including self-contradicting ones). He tends to act indirectly by throwing bits of baited information out and watching the others react. 

The territory of Ka-Kola is also a wildcard--more because each family acts independently. See Diabolical Territories and Families for individual details.

Other Immortals

Ascended Heroes are split between the Conservatives and Progressives. Very few are unaffiliated--they all once were mortals and retain significant interest in mortal affairs. Demi-gods follow their Congregant in the main; contractors generally follow their Don. The Queen Ascendant, in particular, is a strong adherent to the Progressive banner.