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The Tale of the Year

In the Federated Nations, the yearly calendar is divided into 4 seasons, 12 months, and 48 weeks. Months are 32 days long and coincide with Quella’s period. Each month has 4 8-day weeks, corresponding to half of Teki’s period or one full phase of Quella. Months begin with a double-new moon. While the month divisions are common in all nations, the names used vary. All official business uses the Old Imperial Calendar; each of the nations have their own names and festivals.

# Earth Equivalent Old Imperial Council
1 March Spring Dawning Thaw
2 April Rebirth Planting
3 May Spring Dying Greening
4 June Summer Dawning Growth
5 July High Summer First Harvest
6 August Summer Dying Summer Dying
7 September Autumn Dawning Preparation
8 October Harvest High Harvest
9 November Autumn Dying First Frost
10 December Winter Dawning Remembrance
11 January Slumber Quiet
12 February Winter Dying Floods
# Dynasty Byssia* Stone Throne**
1 Thaw Clay Quickening
2 Warning Stone Awakening
3 Planting Coal Gentle Rain
4 Greening Lava Storm Onset
5 Growth Flame Storm Breaking
6 Harvest I Lightning Storm Cresting
7 Harvest II Smoke Rolling Storm
8 First Frost Wind Storm Dying
9 Onslaught Cloud Calming
10 Icy Breath Ice  Low Calm 
11 High Dark Ocean High Calm
12 Respite Mud  Sleeping

* Byssia has very little seasonal change; their months are named after the para-elemental planes through which Quartus passes during the year.

** The Stone Throne really only has two seasons--wet and dry. While these are the traditional names for the months, most citizens mark time from the onset of the seasonal monsoon rains.

Seasonal Holy Days and Festivals By Culture

Council Lands--Festivals of the Gods

Each of the four seasonal gods has a holy day associated with the equinoxes and solstices. The holy days are:

The turning of each season is marked by a smaller one-day festival. These are:

Remnant Dynasty--Survival and Strength

While the Dynasty also celebrates the equinoxes and solstices, the festivities and rituals differ.

The Dynasty has other national holidays including the Queen's Birthday (High Dark 14).


Byssia does not mark the equinoxes or solstices or venerate gods. Instead each area has its local spirits and ancestor shrines that have their individual holy days. The only nation-wide day of celebration is the New Year (Ooze 1), when new judges are selected

The Stone Throne--Wet and Dry

The Stone Throne has three major festivals--