Each of the 16 members of The Heavenly Congregation have a symbol that their followers use. The symbols vary greatly in ornateness--a simple one might just be a few lines scratched in a rock, a complex one might have curlicues and filigree. But they share similar basic shapes (presented here). These are the "least-common denominator" symbols, recognizable everywhere.

For the first part of this series, see Religious Rites and Patterns, Part 1.

This article covers the religious rites surrounding the less-worshiped 8 of the Congregation: Pinwheel, The Hollow King, Kela Loran, Lae Loara, Lon-Ka, Selesurala, Yogg-Maggus, and Ytra.

Not all the residents of the Astral Plane are native to that plane originally. Spirits of heroes and villains live there, those strong enough in spirit or with enough of a following on the Mortal Plane to find safe anchor in the turbulent astral sea. Many gravitate to the service of one of the The Heavenly Congregation while others serve along side the The Celestial Host; yet others find a home with the infernal Families. A few, those who have an independent source of anima--usually from mortal worship, carve out their own mini-demesnes from the chaos. Collectively, these souls are called the Celestial Chorus, individually they are the Ascended.

This is the first of two articles about the religious practices and symbols in the Federated Nations region. This one covers the more-commonly worshiped gods--the Seasonal Four, Aerielara, Korokonolkom, Peor-Fala, and Roel Kor. Religious Rites and Patterns, Part 2 will cover the rest.

What do the clergy of the various Congregants do? How are the Congregation depicted in sculpture and art? What are the precepts of the Congregation? How does this differ by nation? All those are answered here.