All scholars know the story of the origin of our sphere and its planar adjuncts. What lies beyond? Again, the answer is known to all, even children. The Dark Beyond, home of creatures alien to our reality, whose very presence warps and twists existence. But then, what of the One? It who created our sphere? It must have come from the Dark Beyond. How did It start? What else is there?

Historian's note: This is a fragment of a text recovered from the ruins of the Library at Hawk's Peak. It appears to have been written as an introduction to the universe during the time of the Western Empire (about 700 B.C.). It's accuracy cannot be determined. The Congregation certainly won't confirm or deny any of this. Footnotes in the original text have been reproduced by insertion into the text in italics.

**Record Begins**

Author's note: The following is the best reconstruction that the priests of The Seeker in the Darkness have been able to create based on interviews with dragons, prophets, divine help, etc. Since the only one who witnessed most of these events is bound in the Abyss eternal, all the information herein should be considered second-hand at best. 

Before time began, the universe/planet/local area was void. No laws governed the behavior of the unorganized matter and energy. The first being of which the stories tell is only known as The One. This being, seeing the chaos, laid plans to establish order.

What happens when people die? Are they swept into the arms of their god to live in bliss or be tortured for eternity? What about the faithless? The atheist? What about non-civilized races?