Some beings that ascended to power in the aftermath of the Cataclysm were unable or unwilling to abide by the strictures of the Four. These were ejected from the Astral plane and took up residence in the (now-deserted) Abyss, shaping the chaotic darkness to their own liking. Each of these beings gains power from sources outside of the Great Mechanism. These sources are usually unpleasant and include blood sacrifice, betrayal, corruption, and torture. They offer their mortal followers power, but betray them at their own convenience. Membership in the Outcast Cults is forbidden in the Council Lands and carries an immediate death penalty.

The five major Outcast Gods are:

Lloitira, the Lady of Pain

Lloitira is a beautiful but twisted creature who delights in torture, pain, and sexual perversion (including necrophilia, rape, and other such evils). She also delights in the corruption of the self-righteous and the destruction of social order. Her cult is especially active among the high-ranking members of society including rich merchants. It offers free indulgence in perversion and other darker urges. The symbol of the Pain Cult is a barbed-wire ring. Pain cultists strongly oppose the followers of the Red Fang.

The Twisted

No one knows the origin of this abomination. It is the patron of all things distorted and mutated, of abominations, of disease. Its motivations are obscure and incomprehensible. The Twisted Cult has no central organization or symbol. It exists in cells of 3-8 members--cells do not know other cells. These cells grow in power by corrupting the land and living things and spreading disease. Eventually, they collapse (whether destroyed from the outside or the inside varies).

Oro-laen, Black Lord

Proud and formal, Oro-laen is the most intellectual and the most approachable (for mortals) of the Outcast. He even keeps his promises; those contracting with him are advised to carefully review the contract before signing. He is interested in the dark side of magic--necromancy, undeath (especially free-willed undeath), black magic, blood sacrifice, etc. He emphasizes knowledge as a source of power over others. His cult (under the symbol of a white skull) recruits from the magically active (especially warlocks and sorcerers) and practices ritual magic including blood sacrifices and necromancy. The Granite-Flame Academy has been heavily infiltrated by the Black Cult.

The Red Fang

Bestial and brutal, the Red Fang is the patron of slaughter, savagery, and blood-lust. Most were-creatures and other shape-shifters pay at least token homage to the Fang, as do spree-killers and berserkers who glory in blood. Its cult is most active among the less civilized tribes (especially orcs). It urges its followers to rend, kill and devour. Its plots are direct and usually extremely violent.

Seleleana, The Jester

This being was too insane and random even for Pinwheel. Any semblance of coherence or direction is abhorrent to it. It plots against everything and everyone, itself included. It glories in insanity, malicious tricks, false prophecies, and other deceptions. Its cult appears to act randomly. Some observers are worried that this appearance of randomness is actually a cunning facade.