Note: I'm explicitly not committing to which theory is true. Any of them, none of them, or all of them could be true. No form of divination has ever even gotten a meaningful answer to this question. It's like asking "is the sky blue" and getting "the sound of a heart beating" as an answer. Except with much more brain burn and madness.

Theories abound about the eternal fate of the soul. Here are some of them.

Translator's note: Common is not English, nor is druidic Japanese. But these were the closest concepts I could find. I apologize for any infelicity of meaning.

----Begin record----

Editor's note: This is a fragment of a lesson delivered to novice druid candidates at the Dreamgrove in central Byssia. Although delivered in druidic, I have translated it into Common. The word "kami" has been left, as the Common words "spirit" or "god" or "supernatural" have the wrong connotations. Shindai and genki are technical terms also left in the original.

Everything that can grow or develop or change must have an associated Spark, the thing that changes but remains the same. In the races of man, we call that Spark the soul. Well, the forces of nature, the plants, the animals, the wildfires, the storms, all these and more have a Spark as well. To distinguish these Sparks from the mortal soul, we will call them kami.

The most enigmatic inhabitants of the Astral Plane are the angels. They do not interact with the mortal plane much, and when they do, the results are usually not pretty. Appearing as androgynous bird-winged figures ranging from human height to 10 feet tall, their faces are always masked with eyeless white masks adorned with symbols of their rank and station; their weapons burn with astral fire.

This article describes the planes, their relationships to one another, and the layout of the material plane.

If not evil, then what?

A major part of Quartus (especially since the end of the 3rd Age) is that no creature is condemned to be evil or good--all have choice. This includes the natives of the Astral Plane, including angels and devils. If that's so, why are angels and devils different? How are they different from demi-gods and other members of the Choir Divine? It all comes down to their source of anima and their concomitant duties.