This is current as of Mid-summer 210 AC.

Here are some of the quests available to newly-graduated Sanctioned Adventurers.

Rumble in the Jungle

One of the candidates for the throne of the Southern District of the Stone Throne has requested adventurers to go check up on her mentor, who didn’t respond to some ongoing correspondence. She suspects foul play from one of the other candidates. Possibly related—villagers in that area report that the local tribes of serpent-kin are unusually quiet recently and seem to have abandoned their usual camp sites.

Contact: Isal Vanna, Kel'al'ar

Servants of Chaos

The Byssian Judges want neutral parties to mediate between the local human settlers and the puun ihmisia (wood elf) tribes in a dispute. The elves say that human settlers are coming into their territory in large numbers in contravention of treaties, burning their forests and building settlements. The humans say that it isn’t them and that their villages have seen an increase in outsiders and ne’er-do-wells. The druids and shamans agree on one thing—the local kami (nature spirits) are unusually restless. What’s behind this increase in tensions? What’s disturbing the spirits?

Contact: Archdruid Dreamcat, Byssia

The Hidden Ones

Sub-chieftan Andraste gro’Tabor has requested a group of adventurers to handle an evolving situation in one of the border villages to the eastern edge of the Remnant Dynasty. A band of Horse Clan elves from the neighboring society have taken up residence outside the village and are making pests of themselves. They are making strange demands, asking for “the Hidden One.” While the situation hasn’t evolved past occasional fist fights, Andraste fears it’ll get worse. What’s making these elves act so strangely?

Contact: Sub-chieftan Andraste gro'Tabor, Gor'osh

Beware of Elves Bearing Gifts

A group of itinerant merchants are selling strangely-made goods reminiscent of very old styles. Isal Ssa’ka (the ruler of the Central District) has asked that they be investigated, since there’s evidence of magic and they don’t seem to be native to the area. Concern about possible priestly involvement makes the political avenues less reliable. Where are these goods coming from? Are there sinister motives at play?

Contact: Isal Ssa'ka, Asai'ka

The Path of Redemption

A group of former dwarven leaders, led by former Listener Chime Uul-Fuar, is planning to set off on a pilgrimage toward what remains of their ancestral lands in the Giant-Spine Mountains. The new dwarven clan leadership has requested a team of adventurers to survey the path they plan to take and report back. What threats await? Do the old clan-holds still exist?

Contact: High Khan Uena Tomor-Alt, Fuar Uulan