This is current as of Spring Dawning 1, 211 AC.

Here are some of the quests available to newly-graduated Sanctioned Adventurers.

Rumble in the Jungle

Currently being handled Spring 211

One of the candidates for the throne of the Southern District of the Stone Throne has requested adventurers to go investigate rumors of a private army being built up at the southern edge of the border between her lands and her half-brother/rival's lands (in contravention of the laws of the land).

#high-social #med-exploration #new-race #med-combat #wilderness

Contact: Isal Vanna, Kel'al'ar

Servants of Chaos

The Byssian Judges want neutral parties to mediate between the local human settlers and the puun ihmisia (wood elf) tribes in a dispute. The elves say that human settlers are coming into their territory in large numbers in contravention of treaties, burning their forests and building settlements. The humans say that it isn’t them and that their villages have seen an increase in outsiders and ne’er-do-wells. The druids and shamans agree on one thing—the local kami (nature spirits) are unusually restless. What’s behind this increase in tensions? What’s disturbing the spirits?

#med-social #planes #high-combat #magic #wilderness #urban

Contact: Archdruid Dreamcat, Byssia

The Hidden Ones

Sub-chieftan Andraste gro’Tabor has requested a group of adventurers to handle an evolving situation in one of the border villages to the eastern edge of the Remnant Dynasty. A band of Horse Clan elves from the neighboring society have taken up residence outside the village and are making pests of themselves. They are making strange demands, asking for “the Hidden One.” While the situation hasn’t evolved past occasional fist fights, Andraste fears it’ll get worse. What’s making these elves act so strangely?

#high-social #new-race #mid-exploration #low-combat 

Contact: Sub-chieftan Andraste gro'Tabor, Gor'osh

Beware of Elves Bearing Gifts

Isal Ssa'ka, ruler of the Central District of the Stone Throne, is worried about reports of increased crime in the major cities. Crime that smacks of magical involvement. At the same time, a new craze has swept the upper class--animated trinkets and figures, all of a strange (yet beautiful) design, reminiscent of the most ancient styles. Are these two related? Is there another force involved here? 

#high-social #new-race #urban #mid-combat #magic #history #low-exploration

Contact: Isal Ssa'ka, Asai'ka

Crystalline Enigma

A huge tower and building complex made of crystal and stone has appeared in the farmland south-east of Lake Coin'yn. The local leaders are asking for Sanctioned Adventurers to make sure its not a threat to the local farmers and caravans.

#low-social #history #dungeon #high-combat #planes #traps #mid-exploration

Contact: Guildmaster Torvald, Aberaxe

Into the Ice

The Remnant Dynasty needs a group of adventurers to stiffen a raiding party of soldiers being sent on an extended recon in force into the Kairen Caldera. The Hungering Frost has been almost entirely silent this last winter, and she fears that they’re planning something nasty.
#low-social #high-exploration #high-combat #wilderness #history #high-risk

Contact: Hundred-Marshal Ian vo Gal, Lyodanoir

Frost and Fire

Currently being handled.

The Adventurers Guild is looking for volunteers to explore a newly-discovered portal connection leading to Hammerhead, a location once home to the most advanced magical technology before the Cataclysm and the rise of the Hungering Frost cut off all contact. Warning: extreme temperatures detected beyond the gate.

#mid-social #new-race #high-combat #mid-exploration #hostile-terrain #logistics

Contact: Magister Vassarian, Hound's Rest

Southern Wonder

(Not available to school groups)

The Adventurers Guild is looking for volunteers to join an expedition to the southern continent of Soefra through a newly-discovered portal connection. Nothing much is known about the area, so be cautious!

#mid-social #new-area #high-exploration #sandbox #hexcrawl #logistics

Contact: Magister Vassarian, Hound's Rest

A Devilish Good Time

(not available to school groups)

The Adventurers Guild is looking for volunteers to provide security/muscle for a diplomatic team assigned to Jinse, the capital of the former Eastern Empire. An ancient city home to all manner of creatures and ruled by tieflings and half-devils, it's a riot of things to discover and politics to unravel.

#high-social #new-area #low-exploration #mid-combat #urban

Contact: Ambassador Tolpheran, Kaelthia