The Cataclysm and its Aftermath

A living campaign setting designed for D&D 5e, Dreams of Hope extends continues the story of Quartus after the Cataclysm. 210 years ago, a terrible magical cataclysm shattered the continent of Noefra (and most of the world of Quartus). Magic, both arcane and divine, stopped working and the Old Gods sacrificed themselves in an attempt to keep the world from disintegrating. Even with this sacrifice, storms, earthquakes, and other calamities swept the land. Almost 80% of the population of the continent died either immediately or over the next few years. When the magic returned 50 years later, it was different. New gods had arisen and spell-casters of all types had to re-learn their art. The survivors had retreated to isolated areas, convinced that they alone survived the Cataclysm.

A Spark of Hope

A little more than 5 years ago, a group of heroes convinced the five major countries of the western half of Noefra to coordinate their efforts—and so the Federated Nations council was born. With it came the founding of the Adventurer’s Guild, an international problem-solving organization that handles requests from citizens and governments alike.

A New Dream Begins

You are new adventurers, graduating today from guild training and setting off for adventure in this awakening world.

Resources for Players

Player's Guide--Character Creation

Player's Guide--Nations and Cultures

Player's Guide--Backgrounds by Starting Culture

Quick Planar Cosmology Guide