The two oldest rulers in the Federated Nations are the Immortal Bard and the brass dragon Marcia. They share the nominal leadership of the Council, but rarely participate in the Council's affairs. Predating the Cataclysm, both were there are the final battle and were changed forever. One gained agelessness, the other transformed into a true dragon. Without their help, the refugees would not have thrived...or even probably survived.

These are some of the ranking or otherwise notable people who make their home at the Academy in Kaelthia.

The Stone Throne is the south-eastern nation, occupying the lands of the former Fanged Kingdom. The people are proud and fierce, with strong social hierarchies. Here are some of the key figures in the government of that land.

These are the leaders of the Council Lands--the representatives of two of the major guilds (Agriculture and Mining) to the ruling Council in the Council Lands.

The Temple of the Four in Kaelthia is the center of worship and religious training for the Council Lands and the home to multiple Orders devoted to various gods. While pride of place goes to the four seasonal gods (Sakara, Tor Elan, Loran Hae, and Melara), other gods are worshiped there as well. All official priests serving villages in the Council Lands trained at least in part in the Temple. Here are some of the important figures located in the Temple.